Lautaro Martinez ! ... How far can he go ?!

  • I am hearing a lot of hype about this kid at the moment, apparently he's finding his feet this year and bang on form. Read somewhere that Barca have one eye on him as a potential successor to Luis Saurez (with Messi already approving his countryman!)
    He is an out and out kind of striker to Saurez similarity between them but have i missed the boat is my question? I dont hold any shares in him and wish i bought him anything below £2. But what is his future is it worth still jumping on? I guess what im asking is what's his ceiling price?

    Any thoughts?

  • @FukUpayMe One good game and people are saying he's the next suarez, absolute nonsense if you ask me.
    Good player? Yes. Good potential? Absolutely, both in real life and as a hold on here. Going to be as good as Suarez? Absolutely ridiculous to even suggest something like this at this point.
    Not taking a dig at you personally, but I do hate it when people say "insert player name here" is absolutely amazing after just 1 good game.
    Calling it right now - you watch him have a terrible game next week and drops 15p cause so many people have dumped him

  • Another one pumps the dust 😂

  • Apologies but i think people misunderstood what i was saying.
    I read somewhere that barca are watching him as a potential replacement for saurez and that they have similar style in which they play not anywhere did i say that he is as good as saurez or done what saurez has done potential being the operative word. Lol
    But yeh i get journalists write all kind of crap dont shoot the messenger 😁
    (I dont own any shares btw dont fink its a pump because looking at him right now he clearly doesn't need anyone pumping him any hoo!) 😂🤣👌

  • I've also heard Barca have their eye on him. But will Inter let him go? They are challenging for the title after all! One possibility though, is they could recall Gabriel Barbosa back from his loan spell at Flamengo where he has been banging them in. They might consider selling Martinez then, knowing they have a replacement in the wings.
    Personally, I think there is still more to come from this kid and he has age on his side. So even at his current price, I feel there's still value in him.

  • @Andy
    7 goals this season and its october

  • Scored 2 with gwg yesterday and didn’t break 200. That is not encouraging.

  • Scored another today against good opposition and was third best forward, behind Messi and Mertens. Would’ve got a lot higher if he had converted his penalty.

  • 😎👌 still smashing it up in italian league and champs league. No brainer. I jumped on after all the mixed advice had to follow my gut. Such a hype around him now. Already 20p up. Nice.

  • @FukUpayMe Good to hear 👍 I think he’ll be quite a talent and this inter side look very good this year. If he keeps scoring I can only imagine transfer spec to develop as well, Barca have already been sniffing.

  • @Andy only one good game? Really. He is still smashing it week in week out. I think u jinxed him mate. Id jump on with everyone else if i was u and swallow ur pride coz u was wrong mate 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    No offence mate only banter with you 😁👍

  • I’d just like to point out, as well as him smashing it for inter, there are rather a few United rumours surfacing about him.

    I don’t for one second think he’d come here, as I’m pretty sure being South American he’ll have Barca in his sights if a move could materialise, but there’s nothing like a good bit of United spec from an index point of view!

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