Sunday night sell off

  • Still amazes me after the big increase in dividends that the sell off on Sunday night still happens. My portfolio is predominantly top 100 and most of these players play again Tuesday/Wednesday and again next weekend and are still dropping. I was always expecting a slight drop post announcement but feels a little odd considering the recent announcement

  • I've never quite understood what the monday/Sunday sell off is and how it benefits people...been here a while and seen people refer to it lots, but no real explanations

    Is it people withdrawing and leaving after one last wknd bash?

    Pro gamblers getting money out for horses etc in the week?

    People just not understanding you can hold?

  • Find it strange also surely with so many players dropping then there must be a lot of IS going on and as already said if it’s top 100 players they must be losing a lot of money from doing so ??

  • @Tincan

    Maybe it's folk finally realising that PB is a lottery.

    There are only about 15 players that win it more than twice in a season.

    The rest of the time, it is won by one of the many other Jurgen ZeGermuns that play for FC Gerry in the Bundesliga.

    People are probably seeing alot of value in the sub £1 market with the new dividend changes.

    Currently, PB is going to be won again by the bargain basement boys.

    Def - £1.05
    Mid - £0.68
    Fwd - £0.58

    Only 3 games left today to change that ...

  • @Tincan chance to top up then

  • @johnboywalker Joan Jordan won't let me down

  • @johnboywalker would say today is maybe a bit of an exception due to the lack of top teams playing would only really class Man Utd Liverpool and Inter out of all the teams playing today to be in the top bracket

  • @weerab Utd ?

    really ? what big name / PB / MB player is in that team ?

  • cant wait to see sell offs in nov, prob going to be bigger than ever before lol

  • @Munchie63 lol was being kind to them

  • @weerab

    What about yesterday then?

    A 40p defender won PB on a day when Barca, Man City, Chelsea, Bayern and Juve were all playing.

    Next time you go to the garage and the server asks you if you'd like to buy a ticket for the lottery, you can buy the £3.60 ticket, but I'll be buying 4 tickets at 90p. 🤣🤷‍♂️

    You might not realise it yet, but on treble match (gold) days, it's almost impossible to pick a guaranteed PB winner due to the amount of games being played. Only a handful of players are capable of outperforming the masses consistently.

  • @johnboywalker fair enough can’t argue he did win and not denying there’s not value in lower end and any player can win on any day but when you looked at the list of other players I would say the vast majority were all the usual suspects you would expect to be up there

  • @johnboywalker
    Was having an exchange earlier about exactly this and how this approach has made me rethink my strategy. I am one of those guilty of selling off some of my premium players and reinvesting the funds in cheaper options with the hope of winning this lottery. If one of these 20p to 80p players wins PB just once on a treble match day then I will be very happy.

    Is it a gamble? Sure. But one I am willing to take. I am still keeping faith with a select few premium players but it feels like a good time to diversify.

  • @Vaughany

    I couldn't agree more.

    I've halved my holdings in all the big PB players in order to benefit from the most recent dividend increase announcement, and take some profit from capital appreciation.

    Depay, TAA, Kroos, Griezmann, Parejo and the rest.

    Always looking for the next trend ... 🧐

  • i swear people think others are forbidden to could simply be people getting paid on a friday..using some money for the index...making profit over the weekend then selling off sunday night to pay bills the following week.....might come as a surprise but when you buy players they dont stay like that all season...

  • @Rob-E the players being sold went down in value so no profit made. Plus commission & instant sell. Just confuses me. Can’t be making money short term on top 100

  • @johnboywalker

    Sure PB can be a bit of a lottery some days but come the end of the season in knockouts of European competition I’ll be happy to be holding the big name players.
    Also I think as a whole this season PB has been won quite often by the usual suspects.
    I’d rather be holding someone with a PB average of 125 and 5 previous wins than some 50p player who might win it once in 3 seasons if he’s lucky

  • @Ben_pz
    Why not both? The options aren't mutually exclusive. In terms of ££££, my biggest holding is Griezmann but I've diversified my portfolio over the last week or so to include some lower value players. As Navas proved last night, there is some real value in the sub £1 market.

  • @Vaughany I hold plenty of both! I just will dispute the opinion PB is a complete lottery. When divs have just increased by 57% there’s value everywhere including at the top.

  • @johnboywalker

    You bought or sold the players mentioned?

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