FI Data Stephen

  • Hi all,

    Came across this on Twitter following the announcenent and thought it would be of interest to fellow forum users.

    FI Data Stephen provides stats and data for FI. Similar to how Noirx used to, for those who remember. I checked it out over the weekend (he sent a free sample) and signed up today.

    All the info I'll need, especially detailed PB breakdown. Base scores (excludes goals, assists, gwg etc) and then totals for goals, assists etc. An added bonus is international PB which will be great leading up to the Euros.

    Cost is £4/month. Roughly half of what Index Gain costs. I haven't used IndexGain myself and sure there are extra features but this data set is fine for me (small - mid sized portfolio).

    FI Data Stephen

    @Misto Maybe add this to the master thread under data provider?

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