Starting with a £3k investment

  • Hi, I’ve got a bit of a bankroll together that I’m willing to put into FI - would like to think I’ve got a decent understanding of football and how the markets will work, but I was looking for advice on the best way to spread my investment...

    1. how many players would you suggest spreading the bankroll across?
    2. Is it better to go for established players already with the World Cup coming up and this platform starting to gain more popularity/money going into it (such as myself) or go for long-term prospects)

    I’ve started with Hazard, Salah, Werner, Alderweireld as there’s a good mix of current performers, future stars and transfer window chatter between those players. Is that a good way to go, or am I missing a trick?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Firstly, welcome and best of luck! There have been a few threads along these lines recently with so many new users, so I'd recommend scrolling down and reading the discussions in threads called something like "Newbie tips/info", "1 man portfolio if you had to" (that one gets a bit spicy but it's all healthy discussion) and "Capital growth vs Dividends" - should give you a decent overview of different strategies and some players to consider. But those first picks all sound pretty sensible to me! (although I only actually one one of them myself right now)

  • Am 3 weeks in (tomorrow)... Same investment currently 3.3k and there is no real answer to these questions all I would say is read the forum, research players so easy on google.... And don't compare index to real life, top players in real life won't necessarily be top earners on index and vice versa....😁

  • @NewUser129419

    Hi - good start with players selected.
    Me, squad size like a premier league / World Cup squad @ 25 players varying holding levels and varying reasons for holding players .. Media buzz / Player Buzz / Capital Growth / Occasional Short term flip.

  • Otamendi is a great cheap pb performer. 6 pb wins in the past 3 months.

  • Thanks for your advice guys, glad to know people aren’t laughing at me with my picks!! I’ll be diversifying a little more than the 4 players I do have and will try to get towards a portfolio of around 15 players in the non-too distant future.

    In terms of ROI, from £3k starting, what would a strong performance be by year end? I’m hoping I’ve signed up/caught on early enough so that I’ll be able to benefit from probable increasing numbers of users as I’ve seen the graphs of players over the last 6 months and even obvious picks have sky-rocketed. I know I’m too late to the party for those types of gains, but are there any indicators of how much further the user number/total money involved in the index is likely to go and where people think it will plateau out?

  • @NewUser129419 ha the million dollar question where will fi end up... Who knows😀, I don't believe this u need to be here year ago to make money, as I said I am returning 10% in only 3 weeks and I didn't invest till 2nd week bar £100 so actually more like 35%a month.,so plenty left if you get right ones.... Al be happy with 30% roi annually but am aiming much higher

  • Also don't always be so sure the top end players Have peaked /uv missed out. 2 weeks ago everyone moaning about neymar 9.50 price sayin ludicrous I saw growth and flipped him for £2 per share profit in 9 days or so

  • @Simon-j Ok, I might just put a thousand into Harry Kane then :) as if he has a good World Cup and attracts interest from Spain or Man U, then he’ll be EVERYWHERE all across July. Thanks for the replies, good to see this forum is full of people trying to help - was a little apprehensive it might be hostile if people are trading against each other! 30% over the year sounds fun :)

  • @Simon-j also, is this forum available on the app? A bit annoying to have to log in on safari on my phone when I can trade on the app!

  • @NewUser129419 always a little hostility everywhere lol but the fact everyone thinks there sitting on big profits helps, it's only virtual money/profit till u withdraw would be my biggest pointer

  • @NewUser129419 app...... No apps here......... Unless ur one of them I phone weirdos they maybe

  • My advice would be to observe for a while and play around with small bits of cash. I've made mistakes on coutinho and fernandinho before I realised how the index worked. But since then I've made solid returns on kluivert, moussa marega and Walcott. I'm sitting on some good profits just now too. Remember, if u stand to make 10% ROI then that's what you'll make regardless of whether u invest £5 or £500. So really get to know the platform and what makes prices move.

  • @John-Renwick definitely agree with this. I wouldn't splash the while 3k in one go. I started by buying 1 share each of a few players and seeing how they worked out. Keep a log of why you bought them and see if your right. My portfolio is all red at the top and all green at the bottom as I've got much better over time. If I'd put in the whole investment at the start I would be alot worse off now.

  • Man City players are booming because they have a lot of small pool game weeks coming up -
    Go easy on them as they have seen huge growth the last two days. My advice would be a smattering of the big boys + a large chunk on players with WC, Euro and Transfer links (there's loads). Players from a club and country expected to go deep in these competitions are optimal (again loads). Try not to chase big risers and instead fill out a small chunk of your portfolio with young players that will see some game time.

    Also yes please don't whack it all down in one go! So tempting I know buy maybe do it in chunks of £300-£500?

  • @Ozzlebert mines very similar. Red to the top and green to the bottom. Just sold off some poor buys in Ings and João Mario. More recently I've had Salah, Bernardo Silva and Harry Kane. Even made a good 15.8% post commission ROI on Moussa Marega. Next one's I'm considering are Alex Sandro, Yacine Brahimi and Thorgan Hazard. But still weighing those up.

  • @John-Renwick I like Sandro at the moment, played as a winger a couple of games ago but still got the defender clean sheet bonus and juventus are still to concede in the league in 2018 so could be on for a few more! He had a huge jump a few weeks ago when he got a goal in a pre 2pm kick off and managed to hold on for PB all day think he dropped back at midnight though. I think alot depend on the spurs game if they go out my guess would be he'll fall back down again. I don't hold any of him, btw.

  • @Simon-j I would also advise not putting 33% of your profile on one player either, for say injury or any other turn of events that could lead to a dramatic fall, spread you risk out, plus it makes it more interesting if you have 20 players to watch out for rather than 5

  • @Ozzlebert yeah, I can see him lifting to about 1.80 especially if Juve progress and with the world cup coming up. Who do u fancy tomorrow? I can see Lallana and maybe Solanke starting. So maybe get a small lift in price.

  • Not sure, I don't tend to go for players for one game especially when there is no guarantee of them starting with that massive lead but if pushed I'd probably go for someone in the other game. Di Maria is on fire and has a point to prove after being sold in the summer after winning Real the CL so might have a good performance.

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