Bring back media to top 200 ? Yes or No ?

  • @janner73 my thoughts exactly.

  • @NewUser162109


    The opening makes for great opportunities and a better index.

    It would be a major step back.

  • Yes yes yes

  • @Sol said in Bring back media to top 200 ? Yes or No ?:

    Yes. It’s killing the index.

    Rubbish it's exactly what will allow the index the grow. MB was too predictable; simply buy 6-10 of the media darlings & sit back & watch the dividends roll in, using any spare time to pump Pogba et al to any new users, coincidentally also leading to massive capital appreciation on your own, often substantial holdings of those same players. Buy players for their footballing ability & win dividends for their on field performances - simple.

    Those with MB heavy portfolios need to wake up to the fact the index is changing to a performance related dividend structure, which yes might be a bit of a lottery as to individual winners but they generally win on the merits of both their on field efforts & how their game fits the scoring matrix.

    Those wanting to return to the old "cosy 200 club" are promoting it purely from self interest, not for the good of the platform & it's future growth. What the change has done perhaps is kill a few dinosaurs who think because Pogba has a new haircut or falls out with his club/manager they deserve a financial reward as a result. How can you explain the logic of that to new users?

  • @NewUser159387 Perfectly summed up. Certain dividends being only available to certain players makes absolutely zero sense to anyone new joining the platform.
    Living in the past will not make FI a better platform. Reward true performance - as I said earlier the footballing action that deserved reward yesterday was Mousset scoring to beat Arsenal, holders were quite rightly rewarded through MB.

  • For the long term future of the platform then surely the player who is talked about most in the media that day should win the media pay outs ??

    Try explain to a new user that the player the hold who is the main taking point that day doesn’t win his pay out as he’s not in the top 200 players it just doesn’t make any sense who cares what players values it hurts at the top the prices will balance themselves out over time

  • One thing is for certain, Mouset winning last night (rather than Rashford) has saved FI a big chunk of money.

    Less being paid out is great for FI, bad for traders!

    It remains to be seen whether this will benefit the Index in the long term. If the Footie is up at 200,000+ by the start of next season, then it probably has. If not, then growth has slowed down.

  • Big fish want a bit more predictability in a market. They are happy to put big money in and leave it. They want steady returns greater than the bank and will take on some level of risk for this.

    Less predictability = less big fish = less big money staying settled in the index.

    As mentioned above by @ocs123 , the growth of the footie will be a good test this year.

  • @Westy I think the predictability is still there.
    Will Rashford at £3.95 win 7 times the dividends of Mousset at £0.59 over the season? I would be 99.9% certain he will.
    Will Rashford comfortably return a dividend yield of 10-15% this season at his current price? I would say probably higher.
    But football is also at a times unpredictable and I want the platform to reflect the elements of that unpredictably that make this sport great. We had an upset result last night and in my view the player who scored the goal that caused that upset deserved to win dividends.
    The big players will always win more because they play in the bigger games more, they are written about more and their teams win more giving them a greater chance of dividends. It doesn't mean they should always win.

  • Don’t think they should go back on what they have done with the media but if they paid out 3 places per position I think this would please a lot more people. Missed out on Sunday as had 2nd place Defender and midfielder bit frustrating but is what it is. 200 defenders played on Sunday 170 midfielders and 100+ strikers only 1 winner from each category so definitely need to pay out more places but definitely not going to happen this season so hopefully this can be the outcome in the future dividend review

  • No. The only people moaning about it are those with a top 200 heavy port. Personally I don't really hold any MB players, top 200 or otherwise, but allowing the whole market to win MB should only make the platform more attractive to new and/or smaller investors

  • I’m for opening it up, but the problem is Patrice Evra could win it??

  • No.

    It's fine now we have made the jump. The media needs to be won by the person who has the most wrote about them from that day.

    If the fairest system & the most simplistic to understand.

    We can't have a closed shop of 200 people who are eligible again - it's a backwards step.

  • Should just do away with the top 200/squad split altogether now and just have one player list

  • @NewUser162109 no, we knew it was happening for months they cant go back on it now because a few are unhappy. Yes it's clearly more than they said, I dont think they lied or fudged the results it's just over the period they used the scores were higher for the top200 players. This is a gambling platform and it's how it should be, its certainly not "killing the index". I lost out last night as I hold rashford and whilst annoying Lys Mousett deserved it, same reason Rashford did the day before.

  • @Ringers he was on around 540 and then his score completely disappeared so there is no way he will ever win it. Was surprised to see FI so on it at like half 11.

  • @Shippers Forget going back - stuff like that needs sorting. You can still buy Evra but he has a zero IS price and cant win dividends as the stories are removed. That's allowing a bet on someone that cannot win. If he can't win then buy should be disabled or he should be removed from the index.

  • @janner73 100% agree on that. I was just pointing out Evra couldn't win it but they do need to sort that out.

  • I preferred it top 200. The lower the ceiling on the market is, the lower every subsequent group is. Whatever strategy you choose to employ you would benefit from a booming 'top end'.

  • It’s a bit of a pointless debate really, because FI are not going to reverse their decision.

    Time will tell whether it will benefit the market long term.

    In the short term I think the market has overreacted. Some of the top PB players are currently nearly as expensive as the top MB&PB players, which makes no sense at all.

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