Biggest mistakes so far?

  • We all hear boasting on what everyone’s made, however we’re all human and make mistakes too.

    Was distracted by my son other day bought Paulinho at £1.77 down 20% so far, spread and market que put me off selling so watching him go down however he came in at £1-02 and got a World Cup with Brazil so realisticly got to hope for him to hit rock bottom to stem my losses and for all the flippers to flip but no intentions of selling now even if he went to his £1 limit!

    So my question is this! What’s your biggest mistake and Who? And what did you do? Or what’s your strategy to recover? Be it top up! sell! invest elsewhere? Or wait?

  • Held Coutinho post Barca transfer, was convinced his class would justify his price, sold at an hefty loss after realising I screwed up, was still a noob and all part of the learning process

  • Only had/have 2 make any losses .... Loosing 50p on theo hernandez and £1 on isaak(overall not per share) but they will come good eventually

  • Sorry am a lier bloody trend alaxander Arnold had dropped 5p...... Again hel come good but wish I just hadn't bought

  • @Simon-j 5p is nothing mate. He'll won you plenty of dividends I'm sure.

  • @Stevo he should do he bangs in the odd fk aswell, I bough a few players with next year in mind he's one.

  • @Chicken-Badge

    Biggest mistake number 1. Ploughing loads of cash in just at the wrong time. When I joined there was no performance buzz. Man Utd players ruled the index. Only media buzz counted so I chucked a load of money into rashford and lukaku and then FI introduced performance buzz meaning my two most expensive purchases dropped significantly.

    Biggest mistake number 2. Avoided signing neymar and Messi. Due to the above these two were both buyable for under £2. How I look back wish I'd thrown a few grand on the pair of them.

    Biggest mistake number 3. Being impatient. Since I joined last April I've held James Rodriguez at £1.10, sterling at £1.68 just to name 2 but I bet I've held well over 30 or 40 players that have doubled in value but I sold at the first sniff of a profit.

    It's all a learning curve but these are my biggest regrets. Still not doing so badly mind.

  • @Simon-j

    Sounds like you have small amounts of futures spread out over your players (good strategy) . If so if any did take a drop you could double up to reduce loss. With my big loss if I bought ten not 100 I’d of doubled up when he hits rock bottom now it’s double 100 not double not 10 at rock bottom greed on my part.

  • My biggest mistake so far is that I used Football Index for the first time over a year ago and had around £5k I could have invested. It would be worth £20k by now. Onstead I got bored of the game and left it, only to come back 8 months later and seeing the huge growth.

  • @Stevo

    Did same on Mo S, Ryan S and many more but like yourself still showing profit. Neymar at £2 would of been a beauty all them Divs and selling up at £11 would of been my strategy. Timing and patience key to success.

  • @Chicken-Badge exactly mate! Patient is a virtue as they say (I think).

    Sessegnon is another one of mine. Sold all 300 over when he scored a hat trick against us a few months back. Made about 50 quid but could have been so much more!

  • @NewUser59855
    How have the done since coming back did you put the £5k in? I’ve 3k in at moment

  • @Chicken-Badge I only realised 10 days ago u could buy more than 100, thought that was limit full stop not just per transaction😁 surley am not the only one.... Peeps???.... Still 250 is my current max single share owned...... Been having great success with 24hr buys /flips just buy 100s wait for 10p rise and flip...

  • @Stevo works both ways can also loose...... I am Never unhappy with profit no matter how small... The way I look at it if a player has £2 growth in him the first 50p has 90% of happening the next 50p may be 60% then to get the next £1 may only be 25% chance.... So yes always more to be made, just depends how much of a gambler u are

  • @Chicken-Badge

    At various times in the last year, I've had:

    • 100 Neymar at £1.30
    • 100 Messi at £1.40
    • 100 Verratti at 45p

    Sold up for about £20 profit on each.

    I bought again cheaply when PB was announced but those still rankle. But it was a different game when the whole Index was built around MB.

  • Oh which of the two howlers to choose.

    Coutinho or Ozil

    Still hold 40 Coutinho at -1.82 per share and 50 ozil at -1.18 per share. Hoping the world cup will recover them enough to sell at a reasonable rate.

    Luckily I have big enough wins on my profile to offset the mistakes. 201 salah at +1.40 helps :)

  • @Noirx4 he's eyes are offside his eyes are offside woooooa his eyes are offside!!! Lol he's just signed a contract I think?? He only seems to try when he need a new one

  • Bought PEA, sold at loss when China rumours rose and missed boat when he eventually went to Arsenal with a big rise... (silver lining he is rubbish and dropping).
    IPO early days, went in on the Liverpool superstar to be, Rhian Brewster. Bought at all time high on IPO date dropped like and stone and sold (silver lining hasn’t risen yet). Now very wary of IPOs...

  • @Noirx4 said in Biggest mistakes so far?:

    Oh which of the two howlers to choose.

    Coutinho or Ozil

    Still hold 40 Coutinho at -1.82 per share and 50 ozil at -1.18 per share. Hoping the world cup will recover them enough to sell at a reasonable rate.

    Luckily I have big enough wins on my profile to offset the mistakes. 201 salah at +1.40 helps :)

    I bought in at Ozil x 40 at 2-64 and considering tipping up once German World Cup Squads confirmed. Will play better for country than clubs I hope

  • For me probably carrassco. Bought a lump a couple weeks before he went china (Didn't realise he was going). Went down drastically but then spiked back up and is now falling again but I have a feeling he will spike high in the long term so I'm holding out. Even considering buying more while he's so cheap!

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