Phil Foden Starts tonight in the CL

  • Decent performance = England call up me thinks.....

  • Really? Personally think Grealish is closer to an England call than Foden.

    (I don't hold either player btw)

  • @BradD I think Foden is by far the better player but just not playign enough for a call-up.

  • Foden will be a Superstar, all the talent in the world and a level head to go with it, knows he'll be a fixture at City from next season once Silva goes back to Spain.
    Pep says he's one of the best he's ever worked with.
    Will be Englands best since Gazza I hope.

  • @BradD said in Phil Foden Starts tonight in the CL:

    Really? Personally think Grealish is closer to an England call than Foden.

    (I don't hold either player btw)

    I think they will both make the next squad - they might not play but when you consider that Mason Mount got called up last season when he was playing in the championship its not beyond reasonable to consider it a possibility, - Foden is on a different level to the rest of our midfield even now.

  • Foden is having a really good game, I’m sorry but theres just no comparing Grealish to Foden: Foden is on a different level.

  • @Advinculas-Index the key word there is 'playing'

  • Watching Foxen play for the U’21s it’s so apparent to see what a generational talent this guy is, I am glad that Pep actually has patience with him, it will 100% benefit him long term. So what if he doesn’t play enough this season to go to the Euro’s, England will reap the benefits of this patience over the next 10 years IMO. Also I don’t think Foden and Grealish are in the same league, Jack might get lucky one week and Phil will let him carry his boots for him!

  • @dean73

    In the championship

  • Ooops. That didn't end well.

  • Very harsh red card

  • Please win MB now 😂

  • Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that Grealish is a better player and I'm not saying that Foden isn't going to be a superstar. The difference between them right now is that Grealish is playing every week and Foden is lucky if he gets 10 mins in the league on a weekend.

    In my eyes Southgate rewards those who are playing regularly and whilst Foden will likely be England's best player one day, he just isn't playing enough right now

  • @Advinculas-Index Yup but how many youngsters get a call-up to the England side who are NOT playing, regardless of division?
    Foden's highly talented but still needs to play plenty of football to get in the squad.
    That sending off tonight isn't going to help either.
    Massively talented and not a stuck up twat like Grealish either but still needs to play more for his club to be picked.
    Don't you agree?

  • @dean73

    There are youngsters who have played in some of his previous squads who have any made a handful of 1st team appearances in the premier league who are probably not on the same level as Foden

    I think between now and the Euros he will get picked for the England squad

    He probably wont start any games but i will be surprised if Southgate wont want to have a look at how he adapts to being in and around the England squad.

  • @Advinculas-Index which youngsters?
    And "decent performance = England call up" is not the same as suggesting you think he'll get called up at some point this season.
    Not knocking the kid, I think he's great.
    But there is no need to make stuff up and then also move the goalposts.
    It's much simpler to admit you are trying to pump him. The problem is there's a hole in your pump and you are just blowing hot air instead 😉

  • @dean73 said in Phil Foden Starts tonight in the CL:

    @Advinculas-Index the key word there is 'playing'

    Chamberlain anybody?

  • @dean73

    Well if you look at his last squad there is Tomori for starters off the top of my head i think he had played 4 premier league games in his entire career when he got called up - im sure there are others during Southgates reign as well as those from previous years gone my as well
    Joe Gomez had only played a few matches when he got called up to the England squad.

    I recall Rashford had only played a few matches when he got called up for the England squad (Theo Walcott..)

    He's the 19th most expensive player on the index, and i suspect 99.9% of people on here are fully aware of who he is and his potential - i hardly need to pump him 0_1571781081820_upload-726e2d79-2d15-4d71-a4d3-8ed7f0370f1d

  • @Advinculas-Index That'll be Tomori who played a full season for Derby in the Championship and this season played the full 90min in seven consecutive 1st team Chelsea matches (5 EPL and 2 CL) before his call-up.
    Joe Gomez seven full 90min (8 games out of 10 ) at the start of the season for Liverpool before his call-up.
    Rashford = 11 starts in 12 games at the back end of the season for Man U right before his call-up for England.

    Can you see the pattern?

    As opposed to Foden who, before tonight, had one start in the EFL Cup this season and just 13min on as a sub in 'real' games.

    i.e. the key word there is 'playing' 😏

    Walcott was Sven if I remember correctly and most saw it as a mistake to bring him in at that age and experience. He didn't even get to play at all either.

  • @Timothee-Atouba re: Chamberlain.
    After moving to Arsenal he played in 20 EPL & CL matches for them, including 15 of the final 18 games of the season before his call-up.

    i.e. I refer the right honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago 😁

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