Kroos ceiling under new structure?

  • Toni Kroos looks like the perfect PB player and at his current price would return just over 5% if he won star player on a gold match day. Under the new structure what do you think his ceiling price is? I think he has room to rise especially with the Euros but I'm always weary of buying at a players peak as it has stung me a couple of times before...

  • @Deej.11 Largely dependant on how far Madrid go in the CL in my opinion. There will be serious FOMO on some of these top PB players for the knockout stages of the CL - gold match days with only 2 games being played for the QFs and SFs will drive huge surges.
    I don't think £3.50 is unreasonable regardless and I think if Madrid were to go as far as the semi-finals in the CL he'll be close to £4. But I've been wring before too :)

  • He's a PB threat every time he plays. If Madrid do go out early, it could be a good opportunity to buy with the Euro's in mind, on current form he's likely to grab a few more PB wins in the league along the way.

  • @NewUser296743
    Madrid's next 3 games:
    Leganes (home) double game day
    Betis (home) new divs gold game day
    Galatasaray (home) new divs silver game day

    I can see him winning PB once or twice in those 3 games and if he does he'll just keep on rising.

  • As has been said, Kroos, under the new structure seems to post 200+ even when Madrid don't win! I don't think there is a player on the index this season who has consistently scored PB scores as high as him.

    No reason he can't be £4 really, especially when the new dividends come in. MB isn't really going to happen with Kroos but PB is where the money is and he will be a regular threat on that front

  • You say no media but Kroos almost joined Manchester United in 2014 and continues to be linked with them as recent as last week. He's a solid pb hold for sure but it wouldn't surprise me if he picks up some media if not in the winter window, the summer window.

  • @Dalien-Smith yeh I think he's the type that can play to a ripe old age, and once Madrid move him on there will be another big club waiting. Germany or England most likely.

    I don't have him but im moving my port in that direction and nothing under £3.50 would put me off... That I'd feel I can still make good money.

  • I don't think he can get to KDB's price BUT at the end of the day they are both just PB players and Kroos is only a year older than KDB - the gap in price is too big that's for sure.

  • @janner73 said in Kroos ceiling under new structure?:

    Kroos is only a year older than KDB

    I had to check that, I'm amazed

  • @MickTurbo I know right - seems like Kroos has been around forever!

  • @janner73 I know, I was aware of his age because I only bought him on monday but I got a shock how young he was then, I've just had another shock with how old KDB is, I dont know why but I just thought he was only 24/25.

    I dont hold KDB but will admit that he probably just to say edges kroos as a PB hold, but in light of how close they are in age I now believe theres at least a quid in Tony Kroos still

  • @MickTurbo Personally I think Kroos is more consistent for PB than KDB. It was an exceptional start to the season for KDB and he was getting freak numbers which it's almost impossible to maintain. KDB may well have higher peak scores but Kroos will be up there challenging more regularly. I think :)

  • @janner73 yeh thats true actually. I'll be completely honest, Kroos was a player who I had a get out price in mind for because theres another player i had in mind to do a straight swap with in the not too distant future, but with this new info, and with last nights performance, and with Real consistently going deep in europe, I'm already re-thinking that

  • @MickTurbo I have no idea what the ceiling is for these PB midfielders right now - but I don't think we are anywhere near it as I don't think its unreasonable to think that some of them will return £1 plus in divs this season. The only problem I see is a CL exit causing a bigger crash due to loss of gold game days in the QFs, SFs and Final but the Euros should limit that.

  • @janner73 yeh without a shadow of a doubt, the reactionary nature of the market will mean that the very best PB players will suffer if their teams go out. Firstly you could say that its top up time, and secondly having a decent spread of PB holds across the probably 6-7 teams who can realistically win it, should guarantee some very good PB divs and cap app

  • @MickTurbo Liverpool, City, Barca, Madrid, Juventus, Bayern and maybe PSG - I'll be surprised if the 2 finalists don't come from those 7.
    I have a sneaky feeling for Madrid just because Zidane always seems to win it even though I don't rate him as a manager.

  • Sacked off my Callum Wilson's and Eden Hazard's and jumped on board

  • @janner73 said in Kroos ceiling under new structure?:

    @MickTurbo Liverpool, City, Barca, Madrid, Juventus, Bayern and maybe PSG - I'll be surprised if the 2 finalists don't come from those 7.
    I have a sneaky feeling for Madrid just because Zidane always seems to win it even though I don't rate him as a manager.

    @janner73 those are the 7 I had in mind. I think it's likely these will make up the 4 semi finalists and maybe also take up 6-7 of the quarter final spots. Draw depending of course, do they still have a round of 16?

    There could be a bit of value in pre-empting the one or 2 others that might make it but I'll consider that a bonus if I hold any of their players. My 6-8 nonth strategy is to build for the euros but with great emphasis on european PB players from these teams

  • @MickTurbo Yep round of 16 still which is the worst for PB as they end up being single game days. No doubt there'll be an upset somewhere - Ajax possibly again or maybe Lyon/Leipzig.

  • @janner73 yeh 1 or 2 might fall at that hurdle, causing some drops but those who go thru us where the money will end up, that's why I'm gonna focus on players from across those very top teams 👍

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