£700 to invest

  • Decided to cash in my shares at work, close to the end of a 3 year share save scheme and its about 3% if I am lucky to make back.

    Using the pennies on bits and bobs, but am looking to sink 700 straps into one player.

    Caught in two minds between Kane or Sterling.

    Kane, I reckon will 100% move from Spurs within the next 3 years and with the 2020 Euros and 2022 World cup - he should see a pretty nice rise in money.

    Sterling I can't see leaving City, and like Kane should if he stays injury free the next two comps too.

    Whatcha all think and what ROI can you see if I was looking at cashing in around World Cup Fever Time? I'm thinking 30% should be a safe return (CA and Divs)

  • You'd need Sterling to get to £8.20ish and Kane to £6.65ish for 30% purely in CA. If the index keeps growing as it is now then you'd definitely make that in 3 years in my opinion. Kane could make it by the summer if Man Utd links build and with the Euros.

    They are both safe holds and will also pick up divs along the way. Question is whether you want to play it safe and just hold or go for more of a gamble on a cheaper player that could rise a lot more in percentage terms.

  • Nahitan Nandez

  • I think the big name players are a pretty good trade at the moment... And as that money is coming from a sensible investment option... I'm guessing you want as risk free as possible bet. So the players you've mentioned are a good fit and should outperform the company %.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (not for a 3 year hold obviously)

  • Both are good things to be honest, personally I'd go Sterling as will probably get more media.

  • Pohjanpalo currently 51p will get a lot more than 30% imo

  • Sterling or neymar for me. I do love kane though.

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