Dejan Kulusevski

  • 19 year old on loan at Parma from Atalanta. £1.66, scoring goals and getting assists. So can someone please tell me why Mason Greenwood, who is only a few months younger than Kulusevski who is hardly playing games and not contributing, is valued at £4.07. Honestly just don't get the logic behind that. People go on about PB potential all the time but where is the PB potential if he doesn't score, assist or create chances?

  • @NewUser292236 Greenwood is so high because he's English and at the biggest media club - he therefore has huge MB potential. Overpriced at the moment in my opinion but could justify that price in the future.

  • @NewUser292236 doesn't Greenwood have 2 starts, 2 goals? A young English player that's described as a generational talent, at the biggest media club in the world, in a massive rebuild. Greenwood will probably win atleast 20 to 30 times the MB of this other guy, probably even more. The fact this chap is Swedish and plays for Parma means he's likely never going to win you MB.

  • @ChazFI123 Generational talent, lol. People that are saying that are same ones that said same about Rashford and now look at him, he wouldn't get in any other top 6 team. Just don't get why people overhype English players so much and value them much higher than others. Also the fact this guy plays for Parma and is still producing top performances only indicates to me that if he's at a top club then his performances will be even greater and will be in the media spotlight. Mason Greenwood is nowhere near worth £4. Answer me this question, when OGS gets sacked or resigns do u really think all these players like Greenwood and James will be anywhere near the team with a proper manager in charge?

  • @NewUser292236 Whether Greenwood is or isn't near the side over the next year doesn't really change my statement, he will win MB because of his nationality and the club he is at. There is a massive media bias to English players and Manchester United which will only enhance his chances for MB, Rashford has finished in the top 3 for MB 72 times so he only enhances my point. Whether you rate Rashford or not in terms of FI he has returned a large amount of dividends for a 21 year old, and there's every chance Greenwood will do the same, hence his price.

  • This is a classic misconception. If I was playing football manager I'd be inclined to sign the swede at less than half the price, but I'm not playing football manager im trying to anticipate where future dividends are likely to go, therefore I'd be more inclined to buy Greenwood because his perceived dividend potential is extremely high.

    The swede is showing signs of being a decent PB player though so will likely appreciate in value

  • @MickTurbo exactly! Rashford has returned more dividends than Mbappe, that doesn't mean that Rashford is better than Mbappe at football, it just highlights the bias that has in relation to English players and the Premier League

  • Dejan Kulusevski - 1 PB win on 30/9/19

    Mason Greenwood - 2 MB wins on 19/9/19 and 20/7/19

    I own Kulusevski due to him being a first team regular at the moment for Parma

  • I own and luckily got him at 51p glad he’s performing well and showing good pb scores I’m looking forward to this guy returning to Atalanta for next season as he’ll be in a better team and likely to be playing European football aswell and also if he keeps performing then there’s likely to be some transfer speculation so all round I’d say he’s a great long term hold

  • What are his chances of breaking into the Swedish National team?

  • Kulusevski is the real deal.

    Nailed on to be a Sweden regular along with Isak and Svanberg.

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