£250 one player, Suggestions?

  • Looking to spend £250 on one player and plan on trying to turn it into £350 by start of january by the latest.

    Got a Stag do to pay for and wanted to see if I could get the Index to pay £100 of it. Could take the money out the Index just now to pay for it but wheres the fun in that!

    Pump Away!

  • @Ross12 I brought into Florian Thauvin 2 hours ago (thanks to @janner73 )...up 7p already. Injured but back January apparently. His stats are amazing.

  • @gball1975 Think he could return £100 of £250 before January? I did look at both him and Bruno fernandes to be fair!

  • Paul pogba

  • Conor Gallagher, if he keeps going with this form he could follow mason mounts price graph

    Wheres the stag do?

  • @Ross12 I hold Bruno and held through all the summer spec. He had a high of £3 at his peak but if he moves to EPL then he could be your answer.

    Also Edouard @ Celtic..on the rise and transfer spec!!

  • @gball1975 once Bruno Fernandes moves to the PL he will be a £3.50+ player, I just think he'll move in the summer. However, as you saw in the summer he doesn't need to actually move for his price to have a nice spike!

  • @ChazFI123 Hopefully Jan but summer definitely if not. And totally agree with the £3.50+ prediction.

  • @Ross12 I'd have to go with Thauvin - 110 futures at £2.26 and I will be amazed if he's not £3+ byJanuary. Just look a the rise of someone like Teji Sevanier as they were returning from injury and you can see what will happen with Thauvin. He's every bit as good as Pjanic, Parejo etc for PB and younger than them too. If you're taking out at beginning of January then you'll be taking out before he even plays a game.

  • @Ross12 30% ish in a couple months... You need to go reasonably high risk/reward.

    Try find and ipd player under £1 who can also put together a decent pb score.

    Not a tip as such cos I don't know if he will play... But a quick look there are players like Nolito at 40p where you'd only need a few goals between now and December to get nearly 100% so 30% is very achievable.

  • @janner73 Thauvin is a great tip... Is he going to make £1 per share between now and Jan? I think people will wait to see him fit and scoring high pb... So he will rise but not 250->350

  • @Vespasian32 110 futures at £2.26 needs to hit £3.18 to make the £100. I believe he will be that price before he kicks a ball.

    Kroos, Pjanic, Parejo aren't gonna stop rising in the next 2 months and all the time they'll be dragging Thauvin up with them.

  • @Ross12 or think outside the box (of trying to find a player who will increase 30%)....why not trade one player (vardy for example) every week between now and December... Make your 30% out of 10 x 3%... Just pick someone who goes up before match days due to expected goals... And has good liquidity and low commission... So sub £1.50 ideally... Dzeko... Etc

  • @janner73 said in £250 one player, Suggestions?:

    @Vespasian32 110 futures at £2.26 needs to hit £3.18 to make the £100. I believe he will be that price before he kicks a ball.

    Kroos, Pjanic, Parejo aren't gonna stop rising in the next 2 months and all the time they'll be dragging Thauvin up with them.

    Dam it £2.28 now lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • Xande silva, back from injury next week for West Ham, hasn't even been on the bench yet and has already rise from 45p at the beginning of the season. Stats in the PL2 last season were decent and Pellagrini has said he wants him to replace Hernandez.

    With £250 in, a few good games from him and you'll have your £100 prof

  • @Ross12

    £100 on £250 by Jan is very possible but I'd advise splitting it up to reduce your risk, perhaps 5 x £50 punts. Not only will this allow you to vary strategies (IPD punt, Jan transfer, PB/MB play) & see which is the most profitable but it will also avoid any "Emiliano Sala type" catastrophe, which could easily wipe out any chance if you were unlucky enough to have pumped it all into that 1 player. Good luck.

  • I agree with people recommending Thauvin. I am new to the Index so feel free to take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but my research shows that he has only played 10 minutes off the bench with the new matrix this season (obviously due to this injury), but according to Footy Index Scout, in that 10 minute appearance he scored 55 PB points (no goals or assists) - pretty impressive!

    It is of course important not to make too many assumptions based off of 10 minutes, but we have seen Teji increase a lot in value off his first small cameo appearance of the season. Assuming Thauvin's injury and surgery do not hamper his production (which has been superb over the last few seasons), then in my opinion he is currently potentially under valued in comparison to other PB players on what his contribution should be expected to be, both on field and on FI, upon his return :)

  • scrolling through my own portfolio decent shouts to rise 40% in next few months are


    just my opinion but extracted these from about 70 players

  • Bale.

    ~takes cover~

    But honestly

    Bale, printing money.

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