Dividend winner?

  • Having only joined in June am I right in thinking under the new dividend structure that media players are the real winners? I'm aware that triple match days there has been a massive increase but how many times will a good PB performer win on triple mach day realistically?

    When I joined in June a certain player won media almost every day and I'm surprised to see him drop daily with the upcoming January transfer window only around the corner.

    I hope I'm correct as I've made for me a substantial investment in this player.

  • @Pagey74 unfortunately no. Media has suffered a lot from changes this season as Euro qualifiers are now eligible for PB meaning an awful lot less Treble media days. With the boost to PB and most notably star man on treble days the big winners are the elite Pb players

  • I've changed the wording of it to suit my own expectations - no longer does MB mean Media Buzz to me. It's now Media Bonus, cos it's a bonus if you win it.

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