World Cup Qualifiers - PB Eligible?

  • Hi all,

    Approached FI with this question and thought I'd open it up to the forum.

    If the World Cup Qualifiers (starting next Autumn) are PB eligible (assume they will be?), will it only be the European qualifying groups which are eligible? There's a good amount of South American players on the index for example, so no reason they couldn't expand this.

    Apologies if I missed this in any FI announcement. I couldn't find the details from the Euros announcement..

    Just trying to work out a long term strategy, and which players will hold value well next season.

  • @Metropolis Very good point and something they must clarify soon. Can’t be having non European players being relatively devalued at short notice.

  • @Metropolis I would like to have thought they had considered this before they open up euro qualifiers, but I’m not sure they have.

  • Surely after the success and of the European qualifying games they would be very keen to do similar with the World Cup qualifiers , would be interesting to see if the could maybe add the South American qualifiers to make it really interesting

  • @Timothee-Atouba @Ringers Thanks both. I'll let you know if I receive a reply from FI. Considering that Match Day Dividends are now the main focus, if some players are eligible for less matches/ payouts it could have a big impact on their value.

    Fingers crossed.

  • @Metropolis I have my doubts.

    The main one being the same as others have had about Copa America counting when the Euros are on, due to the time of the matches. How would that work with the current 2pm (soon to be 3pm) deadline for MB/PB?
    You'd have some games kicking off late at night (UK time therefore FI time) which is fine but others would be after midnight and therefore count as part of the next day.
    Any player who scores/assists/whatever and does extremely well in a game at something like 3am has a huge advantage over others.
    Not sure it would work tbh

  • @dean73 True, there certainly wouldn't be as much live trading for those late games!

    I wonder what the FI community would make of the drops in non-European players if this happened? Just think it would heavily benefit some players who would in effect have a larger chance of winning dividends (more opportunities).

    Not sure of the solution to be honest as you can't add all internationals for obvious reasons.

  • @Metropolis there was a similar discussion last night and my view was similar to that of @dean73. The discussion then was about the copa America being eligible as it coincides with the euros.

    It's the kick off times. Messi or neymar or whoever else could have a 300+ by 2am which has a huge impact on the perceived chances of the European players being worth a thing on a given day.

    They would have to communicate this very quickly if it's to be the case because at present many of us are sticking up on euros players in good faith, based on the current plan communicated to us by FI

  • @Metropolis I don't expect we will find out what will be included next season until July/August next year. The plan seems to be very clear now that they will announce any changes at the start of each season - dividend changes, matrix changes, eligible competitions are all things I now expect once a year announcements on.

    My thoughts on WC qualifiers are that they don't even start for European countries until March 2021, we will have the Nations League taking place again in the Sptember/October/November international breaks next season. My guess would be that the Nations League will be included for PB next season as well as the WC qualifiers for Europe once they get underway - but it's just a guess.

    WC qualifers for South America start in March 2020 so a whole year earlier - and actually still during this season. I don't see any way they will add competitions this season - as stated earlier I think we will get once a year announcements from now on which allow us to plan properly for a full season.

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