Top 5 players to return divs that are still value for money after the change in structure

  • @Vespasian32 cause the £3 PB bracket players prices are doing so well I think people are think they can get away with not investing in the big boys, but I’m sure once people see what sort of returns they are providing people will try make some money available. Currently trying to find a way of topping up on him, but I’m pretty happy with my portfolio at the moment, decisions.

  • @ChazFI123 I think also because people have forgotten how big a score Neymar (less so Messi now he is slowly starting to find form) can actually post in terms of PB, as neither have really played that much football this season. Once he's fit and firing, he'll be dropping huge scores and people will hop on them then.

  • @Andy definitely mate, hopefully Neymar manages an extended period of games on the pitch soon, but the beauty of Neymar is you still get your fair share of MB so it’s not even like it’s dead money if he’s not playing!

  • Messi. 239 PB at HT tonight.
    Kroos. Yes, he's gone up in price quite a bit but he just keeps on giving.
    Sterling. Big price but quite possibly the best player in the World right now on form.
    Neymar. Would have ranked him higher but has injury issues and will no doubt be missing again when his sister's birthday comes around in March. No Euros either.
    Mbappe. Not cheap but still getting better, has the Euros and probably some transfer speculation to come too

  • @Andy Messi’s coming for star player tonight, go on lad!!

  • @ChazFI123 Wish he did end up with star player! Still got a high score with only 1 goal, and not even a GWG at that - looking forward to when the divs increase.
    I watched the majority of the game and most of it was just textbook Messi - literally everything Barca did went through him. All the passes and dribbles just racked up throughout the game.

  • 0_1571864504876_Screenshot_20191023-220126_SofaScore.jpg

    Unreal amount of touches by Naby, chip in with an assist or goal and hes a real snip at £1.93. Only thing is he isnt a nailed down starter...

  • @Andy if only he had made that pass to Suarez in the last 5 mins, when they were 3 on 1 😭

  • @ChazFI123 Yeah ngl my heart sank slightly when that pass was intercepted, was quite a poor pass actually, was literally straight at the defender.
    When he was through on goal I was saying to myself "right, star man is in the bag here, easy assist" - 5 seconds later - FML haha

  • Messi was quality tonight.

  • @Comrade was a good game and Meesi scored very well considering Barca where scrappy at times and didnt totally dominate like they usually do when Messi racks up a big score

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