High Wide and Handsome Podcast

  • Hello lads, I haven't really promoted the podcast over here as i'm not a big forum guy. If any of you have any interest in listening, I will attach the various links below. Also, if any of you would like to come and talk to me on the podcast, don't hesitate to reach out. I realise there are lots of knowledgable lads and ladies over here, it just isn't my preferred platform for engagement.




    Thanks to any of you who already listen, I hope you are enjoying it so far.


  • @NewUser289421 Thanks for sharing. Interesting listen - Episode 18 (so far).

  • Great listen. I've been on FI since March this year & always learning. I've listened to the bonus edition for beginners just today....excellent insight to the platform.

  • @NewUser289421
    Only discovered this today - Cracking listen

  • Its a good podcast mate, listened to a few.

    I like the ones with the football people who have an interest in the index. ( ben dinnery was good).

    Always hearing from traders gets a bit boring.

  • Love the podcast mate I know you regularly ask for feedback and you mentioned it on the pod recently about how you have had a great variety of guests on and they are all very interesting but for me personally I enjoy the FI related guests far better and more suitable for what I’m listening for I love hearing about folks journeys from gambling to FI they’re strategies and they’re opinions on everything connected with , FI keep up the good work cheers for putting in the effort

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