Do defenders deserve their bad rep?

  • So the index has traditionally had a bit of a prejudice against defenders. Don't buy defenders they don't make any money. But do they deserve their bad reputation?

    Well since mid november

    69 different defenders have won pb
    78 different midfielders
    61 different forwards

    Of those the following have won pb more than once
    14 defenders
    12 midfielders
    15 forwards

    The top performers being neymar 5 wins, otamendi 5 wins and parejo 4 wins.

    So do defenders deserve the bad reputation probably not based on the data.

  • I think they don’t for growth or PB but I think for media there useless. For me Defensive Midfield and Goalies form the biggest risk

  • @Noirx4 gotta admit I was always against defenders (as I'm sure a few of my posts show) however this is another occasion where I'm happy to say I think i was wrong. I think there is more value than I first thought and I even won my first defender dividends last weekend with Milan skriniar so onwards and upwards!

  • It's typical of football in general I would say. Look down the list of highest transfers. Defenders are rarely high up. I think with forwards they tend to be the stars where as defenders are always part of a system so they have less value as a larger number of players can fit into he system. I would says it's similar on here. Really it's only the top 'PB Style teams' defenders that have value not the top defenders where as a forward will be able to star by getting high value goals.

    To answer the question, no they don't deserve the reputation but I can't see it changing. It's always more attractive to pick forwards and they are the players people notice so invest in. This means anyone willing to buy and hold defenders will pick up some cheap PB wins but is probably unlikely to get much capital growth. If that fits your strategy then it's a cheap way to invest with the typical Defender around 1/4 of the price you need 1/4 of the wins if you invest the same amount of money. For example you spent £100 on Neymar at £10 and £100 on Otamendi at £2.50, They both win a triple and you get £7.20 for Otamendi and £1.80 for Neymar.

    Counter to this is that Neymar will win alot more media and his price will grow more than Otamendi's.

  • @Ozzlebert just to elaborate on an already lengthy post. Otamendi's value comes from 'what he is' as a possesion based teams highest goal scoring threat as a defender.

    Neymars value comes from 'who he is' a world superstar.

    If they both transfered then Neymar would still be Neymar and Otemandi would be almost worthless and the likely hood of Otamendi being replaced is very high with over £100m of younger CB's at his club.

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