Mateo Kovacic - 66p

  • Hi,

    I am relatively new to the index.
    I am thinking to buy Kovacic, but I am skeptical due to the very low price.

    66p - valued less than a third of the Prince of other Chelsea midfielders (Jorginho, Mount, Pulisic).
    Playing Champions League, 25yrs old, not bad at PB and will be part of Euro2020. Something I don't know?


  • @NewUser455434
    I bought over 100 and I am reluctant to sell, I was hoping Franky Lamps would teach him how to score goals but alas of yet.
    still we HOLD

  • There is a lot of value in some Chelsea players - I was looking at Kovacic as one of 3 Chelsea players earlier today but he doesn’t complete enough 90 mins to compete for dividends - of course this could change at any point in the season.

    I went for Azpilicueta in the end at 40p - club captain, always completes 90mins and a 100+ PB average.

    Alonso was my other option but his starting 11 spot is under threat when Emerson returns.

  • Cracking player but sadly does do anything special which is needed for the pb matrix. Still think he is very cheap.

  • One of those 'great player for that price' examples who there isn't currently much value in on FI.

    There's still up side though. Transfer potential and Euros involvement - where I expect some significant dividend incentives. That said, he will be competing with Rakitic and Vlasic to start for Croatia.

  • Anyone note his pb score yday? I missed it

  • 173 with no goals or assists that's not a bad score

  • 244 this week...
    Considering his role in this Chelsea, he can only skyrocket with the current PB matrix: he touched the ball 154 times tonight.

    If his average is 100+ touches in easy games, he will end up with 180-250 PB every week even without goals or assists.

  • @NewUser455434 seems to have formed a great partnership with Jorginho. But Kovacic does seem to be the player who will make way for Kante once he’s fit

  • Been a revelation under Lampard...if only he knew how to shoot then you'd see his value rocket.

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