Just how cheap is Jean-Kévin Augustin - Break through season

  • People are paying upwards of £1 even upward of £1.50 in some cases on IPOs and young players in leagues out with the top 5, with no guarantee they will even get a transfer and if they do, they have to sit on a bench for a season until break through, (dead money) this guy (at 20years old) is doing the business now for RB Leipzig, 6 goals in 11 starts, he's even taken the second striker role away from Yussuf Poulsen who has only managed 3 goals from 13 games when they play 2 up front partnering Timo Werner

    There is also a high chance Timo Werner will leave in the summer and if JKA keeps up the form he has shown from U19/U20 level where he out scored Kylian Mbappé to finish to scorer of the UEFA Under-19 European Championship last summer to finish top scorer.

    All that and just 77p, surely this is the most underpriced player on the index with bags and bags of potential to go far, we all know how Leipzig like developing young players.

    Also as a bonus LB Leipzig are playing an easy game on Thursday in Europa league, so a chance of PB as well as more chance for the rest of the season that these so called talents coming from other leagues wont qualify for.


    The article is 5 months old now but still very relevant.

    Yes I own shares in this player as clearly believe in him to invest. Before people just say am trying to self bump up his price. but all the raw facts are there for everyone to go through and make up there own mind.

    Happy reading and good luck.

  • @SMacFI I have moaned about people self promoting, but when I also own them I'll let you off on this occasion pal.....

    Have to admit he's gone under the radar and was again close to selling but this is where early research comes into it's own. If he gets a regular run for RB I think he'll be class.

    Buy away my pretties!!!

  • @SMacFI BOOM! JK breaks the £1 barrier. The next Neymar!!!

  • I thought when you said this it was top notch advise!!! Now it’s proven top notch advise sadly I didn’t jump on however a upvote from me has it’s proved over 5 days not done to batter newbies!!!!

    Was 25% profit for anyone who reacted to it when you first posted it

    Take a bow mate!!!

  • @Chicken-Badge i bought when he was 59p mate! Love the bargain basement! Was good advice though.

  • @Stevo
    Well qualifyd with comparison to none five league players too..

    Nice the guy gets a pat on the back too has think was misunderstood a couple of times on post last week so hope he’s smiling :-)

  • Yeah cheers guys, just woke up now and notice £1.01, think theres a lot more to come yet, as he hasn't done much since i posted this to be fair, one start in the Europa, only a start of things to come.
    @Chicken-Badge good effort on getting in for 59p 70p was my buy price.

  • @SMacFI

    When I seen your advise he was in the 70s still hence my pat on the back for you at 59p was great timing. I looked was going to jump on was distracted by kids and calls till I seen the £1 reply today then thought dam!

  • I already had some but topped up on this advice, I think that we will see more and more players coming through the PSG academy and needing to leave to gain playing time. Might be a good thing to look out for in future. They have almost unlimited money but can only spend so much on the first team due to FFP but can plow as much as they want into youth development, with money and exclusive access to all of Paris' youth players this could be a great production line.

  • @Ozzlebert it's ridiculous the youth players they have there..... Timothy weah, yacine adli, kays ruiz, cladio gomez (joining City)... The list is almost endless. The daft thing is almost none will play for them they will be cherry picked by Europe's elite for pennies due to French rules..... Adli is supposedly the next big thing and he's only on £60pw and available for just 250k.

  • @Simon-j said in Just how cheap is Jean-Kévin Augustin - Break through season:

    Timothy weah

    Timothy weah, am waiting on him to be IPO'd

  • @SMacFI I put him on the list and it had 4 or 5 up votes so shouldn't be long

  • On the basis I'd not heard of him I didn't pull the trigger (I did this with Havertz having not heard of him and he's gone down in price so avoided the same with Augustin)...he's since jumped 30p since I read the initial post. Great advice on this, wish I'd have picked the right one!

    And the subject of PSG's academy is very interesting - very shrewd minds on this forum. Good work.

  • Until about a month ago I had 500 Christopher Nkunku as well! Sold the lot when he went up an out 5p. Never thought he'd get a run for PSG.

    You win some you lose some eh!

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