• Hi all,
    As mentioned in other threads, I have been doing a bit of research into the cheaper options with a view to diversifying my portfolio. I have been looking at player performance stats on How reliable and relevant are these stats? Is basing purchases of players on these stats a viable strategy or is it flawed? Are there other (and better sites) that traders use instead?

    As an example, on, the following players feature in the Statistical Best XI Team (for the season to date) in their respective domestic leagues:

    Salif Sane (29p)
    Yeray Alvarez (32p)
    Stefan Savic (34p)
    Casemiro (76p)
    Enock Kwateng (49p)
    Derdryck Boyata (37p)

    I already own 3 of these 6 but I don't know if I am wasting my time with this approach. Is there any correlation between these stats and FI performance? Any advice very welcome. Thanks.

  • @Vaughany I think it's important to use multiple sources to research a player, particularly if it's not a top EPL player who's style and strengths we are all very familiar with.

    I've recently started using sofascore and I think it's very useful. But in deciding on a player I will also use FIS, transfermarkt and whoscored and sometimes youtube as well, I just cant be arsed with indexgain.

    From those players you mention, I assume you're not buying for MB and therefore are hoping to win either cap app or PB or both. I dont know about any of their PB performances or in a couple of cases even if they are in PB leagues. I suggest looking them up on FIS to check their PB averages/peak scores as well as if they have ever actually won PB or not.

    If overall they havent done particularly well for PB then I would suggest that shows that whoscored player performance stats used on their own, are not particularly useful in terms of FI scouting but if they have performed fairly well and won a few PB divs each then maybe theres something in it. But either way I recommend using multiple sources to research players before buying 👍

  • Off the top of my head following a discussion on a recent thread, someone stated that Ricardo Pereira was the highest rated RB in the Premier League last season (I think on who scored), however he returned 0 dividends. On the face of it I would suggest that some players can generate a high average rating, cause they're consistently good whereas to win PB they need to generate high scores, even if it's just once a month. They won't win any dividends by consistently posting pretty good scores (as it stands). I'm sure there are players that have high average ratings, who do return dividends. But personally I wouldn't use it as a main indicator.

  • Thanks both, useful insights.

    This approach certainly seems a bit of a gamble. However, I hold a number or higher value PB players in my portfolio so I am viewing this as a bit of a side project. As others have said elsewhere, winning PB dividends feels like a bit of a lottery and with the new structure you could make a tidy profit IF one of the low value players wins.

    As an example, I've bought 500 Boyata at a cost of £180. If (and I know it's a long shot) he were to win the max dividends available on a Gold Match Day then am I right in thinking that is a dividend return of £80?

    The way I am viewing my portfolio at the moment is that I have 'investments' which are the premium players and I have 'bets' which are the cheaper players who I am hoping can pick up a dividend return. It's like having a season-long lottery ticket in my mind!

  • The team of the month/season etc is a good starting point but other research is needed. The main problem is you may end up with a portfolio of consistent 8.5 out of 10 performers. You would love this performance return for the players you support but on the index there is usually a 9 or 10 out of 10 performance to win the PB dividends.

  • @Martyn-B
    That's true and I would be hoping for a once in a season performance from some one like Boyata on any given day. Naturally, I'd have more chance of him winning dividends on a Bronze Match Day when he is facing less competition but of course the return is less.

  • @Vaughany Agree, bronze match days can give strange results and higher chances of PB wins. One good thing with that team of the year etc is a lot of people will jump on it, so good chance of CA at the minimum. I joined on 1st April, found whoscored a few weeks later and bought most of the team of the season. Think many new traders will do similar, especially as season progresses and the stats are more accurate. My earlier point still stands though, don't want a team of just Andy Robertson types.

  • @Martyn-B
    Not unless it's a team of Gary Breens..........

  • @Vaughany ..

    "It's like having a season-long lottery ticket in my mind"

    Love that statement and it is a great way to look on a trade, but instead of a season long lottery ticket, it is a three year long lottery ticket.

    Going to adopt that statement as part of my trading plan...Cheers

  • @Karl
    Nice one.
    I'm not sure some of the FI purists share our view though. Those that have been around here much longer than me would have initially joined FI because they viewed it as an investment platform rather than a gambling one and there seems to have been a shift of late. That's not to say you can't do well out of both strategies and I intend to have one foot in each camp.

    Whether I have the patience to keep hold of the cheaper players for 3 years remains to be seen. If 1 of them does win big on PB dividends then it may make sense to cash in that lottery ticket at that point. We'll see!

  • @Vaughany out of those I reckon sane could be a good buy personally. Beast of a defender who pops up with a handful of goals over the season and can't really go wrong at that price. Only downside is age but schalke have had a good start and could make europe again for next season.

    I wouldn't bother with casermiro. Typically great player but rubbish for FI. Defensive midfielder and all that.

    Dont know anything about the rest so cant help there but hope that's a bit useful.

  • @Stevo
    Cheers, that's helpful. I have bought Sane.
    I am intrigued by Casemiro. Regular starter for RM at 76p. I don't suppose you know what his base PB scores have been like? I know he's not a regular goalscorer but I wonder if/when he scores whether that would put him in contention for a PB dividend win.

  • Who scored can be useful but I tend to start with the part of the PB matrix I want to find out about and then look at the stats on there for that area. Doing it the other way round sometimes gives the impression a player has great stats but they don't correlate well or are not rewarded well by FI

  • @Vaughany said in Using

    Cheers, that's helpful. I have bought Sane.
    I am intrigued by Casemiro. Regular starter for RM at 76p. I don't suppose you know what his base PB scores have been like? I know he's not a regular goalscorer but I wonder if/when he scores whether that would put him in contention for a PB dividend win.

    Try You can get a free account and it provides basic info about top scores, last 5 etc.

    I wouldn't bother with Casemeiro myself. He's had a couple of wins but you're really waiting for a game winning goal which won't come along often and even then it's not a given he'll win. He'll be regularly outscored by Kroos as well so even when they're the only pb game of the day the odds are stacked against him. Not to say he can't win but he wouldn't fit my strategy.

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