Europa League - PB players

  • PB players like Kroos, Pjanic, Parejo etc are in champions league... double match days..

    Europa league is a treble match day. . And after 28th the rewards for treble are great. ..

    Who are the europa league big PB players.. . And players who will gain capital rise also..

    Some in my mind are Luiz alberto (Lazio) .. his team mate milinkovic savic, jordon and ocampos of seville .. .

    Your thoughts. ..

  • Dani Ceballos - walked the last Europa League treble day and if he starts tonight then I expect him to do so again.

  • @Zola25 Ever Banega was a big PB player at one point. Dropped off at the end of last season and this season but still very capable. Very attractive price too. Some links to Turkey over the summer hit his price hard.

  • @Metropolis

    Yeh.. i think he's about 31 but not bad for a short term hold.. . I forgot t9 mention filip Kostic who can also post decent scores

  • @janner73

    Yeh? I own ceballos.. . I just wish he starts him for most games.. .still worth it as when he starys he can post a good score

  • @Zola25
    Ceballos is PB gold if he gets the playing time - I'm expecting him to start tonight given he didnt start on Monday night.

    Europa League is always tricky though, although it's treble days it suffers from a lot more rotation that than the Champions League in the group stages.

  • Zaniolo - Gol and assists, good prospect (20y/o)
    Breet Embalo/Plea - B.Monchegladebach; strong team, leading Bundesliga for now - both very cheap

  • @Metropolis Yeah I think Ever Banega is a bargain at that price. Sevilla could go deep in Europa and he's a Pb machine.
    Kroos price is an example of how high PB players can go despite age. No reason why Banega can't hit £2 with new dividend structure as incentive.

  • Weghorst for Wolfsburg. His price has dropped a fair bit recently so seems very good value. He nearly always gets a goal or an assist to his name.

  • Danny Da Costa
    Josip Brekalo
    Ciro Immobile

  • @Zola25 with Alberto injured tonight, as long as they start, front runners for midfielder will be Jordan and Ceballos.

    But it's a treble day so highly likely someone out there scores 2-3 and posts a very good score.

  • Arsenal players at home will always be a good punt Emery takes these games like a training match always seem to be around 4-0

  • Donyell Malen.
    PSV at home and no offence but playing some minnows. I see a 5-0 and he may get all 5 again!

    Come get your melons!!!

  • I am seriously under represented in the europa league although with Lyon's defeat last night they may drop down and I've got Dubois, Aouar and Depay to give me a big boost, plus a couple from elsewhere but that's ifs buts and maybes.

    I've took some profits this morning and bought 300 Munir El Haddadi. I'm probably gonna buy weghorst as well but I think he will be significantly cheaper a month from now as will most non-premium bundesliga players.

    Looking at the groups, the only teams that are nailed on to progress are seville (hence Haddadi), Celtic (non PB), Braga (non PB) and utd (capital L)

    If anyone has any good suggestions I'd be all ears. I'm thinking within the IPD price range and therefore I'm mainly looking at goal scorers and/or assisterers

    Also looking at virtual certs to progress


  • @MickTurbo I've mentioned him a few times, and he's risen a bit the past few weeks, but Moutinho at Wolves is still undervalued. Proven PB winner, Euros with Portugal, signed a new contract with Wolves recently so even though he's 33 he'll still be playing next year.

  • Mehmedi from Wolfsburg 62p, Switzerland also. Been injured so off the radar recently.
    Mkyhtarayan 68p coming back not sure this week though.
    Weghorst 1.07p
    Sow 75p

    A few of mine, the best value at the moment imo.

  • @MickTurbo mate take a look at the Gladbach guys should get through; I have Thuram, Plea (should be back playing tonight) and Zakaria (he’s also good for the euros).

    Also at Lyon Terrier appears to have bottom out at a low 88p and be playing more minutes recently.

    Finally Ntcham at Celtic score well last round of matches.

    I have a few more but I’d just be aimlessly pumping if I listed them all

  • @Sav2000 yeh good PB team and I will be buying one or 2 around new year. Previously held plea but took my profits a while back. I'll be having a good look at them during the winter break

  • Veretout, Zaniolo, Lazzari from Italian teams
    Zakaria and Plea already mentioned

    From Wolves, Raul Jimenez has been scoring almost every week, and Ruben Neves will definitely have a price boost from the rumors linking him to Liverpool, Utd, Arsenal etc

  • Wolves need a point to qualify - Braga (A) tonight and Besiktas (H) on 12th December.

    Raul is a good shout, I expect Jota to start scoring soon too.

    Wolves also have 4 games in 9 days including tonight, Sheff Utd (H), West Ham (H) and Brighton (A) - so plenty of potential IPD on offer.

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