Free fall

  • Is anyone else's port in free fall? Currently 2.5% down and still going. Seems like every player is on the down.

  • @Daly3174 yea think people are selling and getting pb ready

  • @Daly3174
    Don’t worry mate
    Don’t panic
    Keep the faith
    This is a long term investment game
    Do not blink
    The money will come back

  • @Bruno-Xadas im not worrying just yet. Ive took some profit out of some players and invested in cheaper ones. Was just eondering how other people are getting on

  • Yes not good. Worst day since Dybala screwed me over and down £400 today. Don’t see people getting PB ready as it seems many regard it as a lottery. Will be buying on the dips as I have confidence it’s just a correction in the overall market due to all the buying recently with deposit bonus, etc. Not concerned but know many on here have high levels of anxiety as perhaps they’ve put in too much.

  • @Daly3174 im up .75% for 24 hours and 2.25% for 7 days
    Some players going down but more going up

  • @Daly3174
    My port has struggled for 4-5 weeks now
    Been down about 800quid
    But that’s because I have a lot of young players
    I’m playing the long term game
    I don’t have too many pb players
    Everyone is pb crazy atm with all money going into pb players
    If you’re patient enough, the money will start to drip back down the market again

  • cant complain

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  • Having martinelli helps


  • @Daly3174 said in Free fall:

    Is anyone else's port in free fall? Currently 2.5% down and still going. Seems like every player is on the down.

    I’m having a poorish 24 hours.
    But I’m quite glad as my players haven’t really performed this week, which they can’t every week (unless it’s Messi). Which means hopefully come the first weekend of November when the index will be in overdrive they will.
    This is the sentiment index and some of these big risers won’t turn up this weekend and be on the big fallers next week.

  • My port is 3k. Ive just start moving towards younger players so im in it for the long game.

  • @Daly3174 not in free fall but am down slightly and flat when it isn't down. It's difficult to know what's going on at the moment. There's been 2 deposit bonuses (3 for a lucky few) and a big announcement so it could be that traders have simply ran out of cash and now taking money out until payday (for those who get paid next Thursday).

    Could be some big traders anticipating that FI will open up the 3% deposit bonus to all starting tomorrow?

    Could be a mad rush for established PB players and reaction to the MB change.

    Either way, not concerned and need to keep faith in the portfolio.

  • 0_1571949655018_Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 21.39.47.png

    This week has been cracking to be fair but I had a few dicey ones last month so... whilst it's nice to see... I'm still soaking up some of the Martial and Pulisic drop.

  • Nope my ports been on a continuous rise since the announcement of the announcement. When the market growth is ever in doubt the safest place to put youre money is in players that return dividends and now FI have increased them the dividend earners are also the big cap app players also

    To be honest i was very surprised to see this thread or any kind of mention of declining prices at this monent in time

  • Down a small percentage. It'll pick back up.


  • Also. Let’s not forget that many people naturally will commit too much in here and now Christmas is coming on the horizon with most only having two pay days left.

  • I've been selling half of my port (all profits) earlier than expected because of the huge increases I saw in the last few weeks due to already being on PB players well ahead of the announcement. Maybe others are doing the same?

    I don't see any signs of a free fall in the market.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I had a good week made better today by getting out of Rony Lopes at £1.07 for a nice profit.
    I've been reducing my portfolio since 1st October. Can't see the money going back in for a while. Still got fecking Pogba.
    Still posting blind as on an iPad you can't see what you write.
    3% thing hasn't encouraged me either.

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