A Little Bit of Positivity regarding FI.... How many negaitive comments can we get based on enclosed :)

  • Was just reading the forum from 12 months ago and noted everyone back then was moaning about FI and and everything was doom and gloom... 12 months later the fottie had jumped from approx 43,000 (Details of October 2018 below) to 130,00.00 (Oct 2019)... those who have been involved over the last 12 months know how benificial FI has been, so be good for everyone to keep positive and see how this new exciting venture turns out..Best of Luck

    Thursday 11th Oct 40,551
    Friday 12th Oct 40,787 (up)
    Saturday 13th Oct: 40,903 (up)
    Monday 15th Oct: 41,012 (up)
    Tuesday 16th Oct: 41,252 (up)
    Wednesday 17th Oct: 41,317 (up)
    Thursday 18th Oct: 42,078 (up *day after G/A div announced)
    Friday 19th Oct: 42,257 (up)
    Saturday 20th Oct: 42,224 (down)
    Sunday 21st Oct: 42,323 (up)
    Monday 22nd Oct: 42,325 (hardly moved)
    Tuesday 23rd Oct: 42, 276 (down)
    Wednesday 24th Oct 42,236 (down)
    Thursday 25th Oct: 42,019 (down)
    Friday 26th Oct: 41,852 (down)
    Saturday 27th Oct: 41,934 (up)
    Sunday 28th Oct: 42,038 (up)
    Monday 29th Oct: 42,058 (up)
    Tuesday 30th Oct: 43,366 (up *day after 10% dep bonus announced)

  • Well let me piss on your chips from the off!

    I posted those figures you quoted for weeks on end, until I realised the footie don't mean jack shit to us traders. It's only useful for FI to see how rich they are getting

    So I stopped doing it once I realised this. It's useless info.

    Sorry pal.

    (I was smiling whilst posting this so that's positive right? 😂)

  • @ScouseSte
    definitely not true

  • I actually find it a useful barometer to measure how the market is performing generally against my own portfolio on a daily basis. I’m still not 100% sure what it means though😂

  • actually I think its useful for long term traders,
    short term it probaby means near to nothing.

  • I'm very positive about FI. I cant remember exactly what the Footie was back when I joined at the end of January (Maybe about 60,000?) but it has definitely more than doubled from then to now as has my port in that time!

    Things must be fairly fluid money wise with people still putting in as I've put about half of each of my holds up for market sale in the past 2 days and already 60% of them have sold.

  • Here's one; think about all the things that have changed on FI since last October, without needing to get bogged down in numbers.

    Off the top of my head:

    • IPDs, a totally new way of getting paid and trading
    • Significant increase in PB/MB for existing holds
    • Shirt Sponsorship of a leading Championship Side, as well as pitch advertising on TV PL matches and other marketing matchups such as Fulham
    • Regular appearances on Talk Sport
    • Beta Site redesigned and relaunched
    • FI moving into new offices and taking on many more staff
    • Partnership with NASDAQ, which saw coverage on US TV and Adam Cole's beautiful baldy bonce in Times Sq
    • Smooth Sharesplit

    Anyone got any more?

  • @Keegans-Bluff
    media madness over the summer
    Inclusion of euro qualifiers for pb

  • No manipulation of the number of shares to move a player.

  • @Keegans-Bluff Fulham training top give aways how could you forget

  • i think the footie is a good barometer if you hold a diversified portfolio.
    the thing it doesn't show is when there is a big shift towards the top / bottom end

  • @ScouseSte .. LOL..Bang on... I got cost info from one of your old posts, but I am still correct regarding the positivty statement.. The Footsie is pretty useless short term but long term it is a masiive indicater for money flowing into the market..The footsie trebled in twelve months which is huge growth in any industry.. Trump would be having a wank on TV if he could that with the stock market :)

  • @Alpilgrim .. I started in February 2019 and it ws 66,000 ( Still have no clue what it means :)

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