Why no Stop Loss and Take Profit?

  • Are there any plans to introduce this feature in the near future?

    I believe not having this feature severely limits usability and will put many potential players off using the platform.

    A worthy addition if the platform wants to be taken seriously long term imvho.

    Kind regards

  • Yes! Bingo! Totally agree here - some people don't check on a daily basis. And when they do they've seen the value wiped out.

  • Exactly, not being able to put a stop loss in means that the user is not in control of their potential losses which suits the platform but no serious investor is ever going to throw money down in large amounts while not being able to control their risk on open positions properly.

  • Definitely one for the Q&A with Cole tomorrow at 1900.
    Once PB is sorted on the 19th there'll hopefully be more scope for stuff like this. It'd increase the trade volume which will only help FI with their commission.

    I'd also like to put in a trade order of x shares at £Y when it drops to a price I like.

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