Who’s next to join the £3 DLP club?

  • Massively pissed that I missed out on the rise of Kroos, Pjanic and Pareto rises due to my arsehole of a boss paying at months end.

    I’m trying to find value in the next, similar type player and have come up with -


    Any other names to though into the mix?!

    I don’t own any of the above by the way but so negative feedback welcome!

  • Phil Jones 😂

    I'd say you haven't missed the boat. Think back to pre split what any player with solid pb was worth.... The prize for star man on treble day is pretty much the same now isn't it? I think there's gona be steady rises on these players as they go deeper into the cl/europa and into the Euros.

    Some good pb players cheaper... But not playing national or club euro so less shots at the prize money... I'm into adli and harit as examples.

  • Savanier, Joan Jordan and maybe even Golovin possibly could all go up to £3. I just bought Goretzka: one decent PB score in his first few games back and he could easily be above £2.

  • @JoshAF91 not too sure about the other 2 but I think Bayern's midfield is so stacked for PB that goretzka would have to post some monumental scores and with consistency to hit £3.

    I'll put forward 2 that I do hold but I really think can get to £3 if a few things fall into place for them.

    1. Dani Ceballos

    A blind man could see hes too good to be rotated at Arsenal. Can run a game on his day and can post big big scores as well. All he needs is for count Dracula to see what's right in front of him

    1. Houssem Aouar

    Lyon have been below par but have now sacked their manager. Aouar is Lyon's playmaker and if he plays well they play well and vice versa. Hes only very young so can be expected to get even better for PB and along with fabian ruiz (dont hold...yet) could be the future of the big scoring midfield PB monsters

  • De Paul,Pulgar,Jordan,sabitzer,Harit,Golovin -all could reach £3.

  • @CJ0101 Is Goretzka back from injury yet?

  • @CJ0101 Scrap that...back in training so round the corner from match games.

  • @gball1975 Played 10 minutes on the weekend as well mate with some nice fixtures coming up


  • If Ceballos can string a couple starts and good scores together I’m sure he’ll fly. I have bought into Gundagon, if he carries on playing regularly I don’t see why he won’t get towards that bracket

  • @ChazFI123 I’d second Gundogan - he has posted a few 200+ PB scores recently without any goals/assists.

    Capable of Kroos like scores if he keeps playing regularly.

  • @ChazFI123 Just checked Gundogans last 5 pb scores


    At his price he looks a bargain if he can reproduce these scores regular.

  • @Chris-J @Gazz127 I saw his PB scores, saw he’s won top position 5 times I think and thought there’s definitely a lot of players/midfielders who are less likely to win PB and are considerably more expensive. I guess it’s cause people worry he won’t play but he will play at least 40 games this season, especially with the injury record of some of City’s players. How much is the new star man win, something like 16p on a gold day? So that’d be over 10% ROI from one win, and he’s definitely got the peak scores to be able to do that

  • Id add Kostic to this list, didnt play great last night still over 200pts will grab a couple of gold days this season

  • @ChazFI123 @Chris-J @Gazz127 … I've just given in and brought into Gundogan… some good games over the next 30 days including a couple of Germany games hopefully.

  • It may be a long shot but I see Tom Davies, rising the ranks. Started last week and Everton won, and surely going to start again against Brighton. At 0.87p is a bargain for an Under 21 English captain. If he puts in a few decent performances he can definitely take Jordan Henderson spot in the England team.

  • How many of these players would you guys say are injury prone, i.e Gundogan had injury issues?

  • @NewUser262793 think this thread is for tried and tested PB players who are likely to return gold dividends. Tom Davies is a young prospect that hasnt proven PB and has no chance of hitting £3. Shameful pump

  • I know he doesnt have euros over the summer but Marquinhos (£1.48) is hard to ignore. Playing in a very dominant team in a league with mimnimal competition listed as a defender but plays in midfield. He won PB 4 times last season and once so far this season. Im expecting a decent level of growth over the course of the season

  • @gball1975

    I tipped him at 0.97 to you 9 days ago!



    My other 2 tips have barely moved so probably not the worst move to ignore my advice 😛

  • @Chris-J I know right...hence the comment "I've just given in" ….. sorry :-(

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