Longest holds

  • What are people longest holds?
    Seems like everyone likes to get to a target percentage then sell, anyone got someone that they have held over a year or even 2 years?

  • @R2d2

    I still have a long list of players I bought when I first joined in July 2018, albeit with a couple having topped up since; TAA @ 125p, Maddison@125p, VVD@83p , Ruben Dias@30p, Dabbur@24p, Tammy Abraham@39p, Vardy@34p, Skov@36p.

    Held quite a few more of the top 200 KDB, Mahrez, Eriksen, Hazard etc but have gradually sold them off as the profit was too tempting!

  • @R2d2 most of mine are approaching 1.5yr, il be reassessing in November but I think most will be staying, deciding on an exit/rebuying strategy in 2020.
    Already got a couple nice ideas but mistakes will be made im sure

  • In December 2017 I bought shares in Alex Sandro which I still hold 👍 He’s done me proud.

  • @NewUser159387
    You've made a fair few bobs then, especially on abraham 😲 hope you bought a fair few shares on them all.

  • @R2d2 said in Longest holds:

    especially on abraham 😲

    Bought him at 39p (pre SS equivalent) but sold majority at 146p, now 349p just to prove patience pays more often than not on FI.

    Still holding Nketiah @58p now 205p as he seems to be following a similar path, then again bought Mitrovic & he's hardly moved!

  • I've only been on for 10 months, so nothing too long term for me. I still hold 3 of my initial purchases (Pablo Maffeo, Aaron Ramsey and Harry Kane) but the others are long gone. I typically have a target percentage in mind for selling with Maffeo and Ramsey having not reached this, hence I still have them; Kane has reached my usual target but he is my highest yielding dividend returner and I believe to be a solid hold so I will keep him for the long term However, for any that have not reached my target after 1 year I plan to revisit; I suspect Maffeo won't survive the cull!

  • @NewUser159387
    Iv got a load of Nketiah, but hesitated on Brewster, maybe one day il divide it between them for the dividends

  • I recently sold up on Sancho who I held since before last season at a big profit, otherwise it's probably Trent who I've only had since around February.

    If we're talking shortest holds then I've got plenty of Cazorla who's only about 5 ft 5 and shits pb.

  • @BeanDrown Do you mind me asking how much he was back then pre-sharesplit and how many divs he’s won you?

  • @R2d2
    Long holds -
    Neymar 2 yrs and HOLD
    Salah 1 yr and SOLD
    Sancho 1yr and SOLD 50%
    Messi 1yr and HOLD
    Foden 6 months and HOLD - kid going to be a star and with City's injuries more game time likely next 6 weeks especially.

    Regrets of not holding when I should have -
    Mbappe (sold and then bought back later after missing a big rise)
    (And many more tbh)

    Next aim for long term holds (1 or 2 years) -
    Mbappe (Hold)
    Trent (Hold)
    Rodrygo (Hold)
    Gnabry (maybe)
    Brewster (Holding and nearly 50p down)
    (also some of the young spanish kids look v good too)

    Long holds have been very profitable so far!
    Good luck!

  • @CJ0101 I got him at £1.35 old money, so roughly 0.45, and in that time he's earned me 0.17p per share in dividends!

    He's probably not the best example as there are others who have gone up far more or earned for more on divs, but he's the one that stands out for me as he was one of my first purchases, after sticking £10 in and accidentally clicking 'Buy Max'.

    Looking back at my spreadsheet I still hold a few from Dec 17 - (all in old money) Tuanzebe 0.45p, VVD £2.28, De Ligt 0.85p, Dybala £4.35.

    It's quite frightening to think how much prices have increased in less than two years, amazingly my first Pogba shares cost me £4.20 in Jan 2019, and one year later I was buying more at £18.91.

    Wonder where we'll be in another two years!

  • Dybala is one of my largest and longest holds currently down 30p per share.

    Great to see he’s hitting form now and being played every week with a few goals in the last 2 matches.

    Hopefully there’s some crazy links to the premier league again and we may even see £4 again soon if he keeps on scoring.

  • Sterling and De Bruyne since May 2018. Still hold and topped up. Glad I have!

  • not 100% sure reckon toni kroos must be my longest hold. had him since day 1 (2 years ago), at a on screen price of 88p. the ironic thing being, that bar the last 6 weeks he's been a frustrating hold!

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