Marco Asensio

  • How high can he go when back fit ??
    I hold him and eager for him to return ....think he is expected back january unless anybody knows different?

  • My guess would be around the 1.70-1.80 mark once back in the team. It would then depend on performances.

  • @StinkyT25

    Don't talk to me about Asensio. 🤣

    I've held a heep of futures in him for over a year, with pretty much no movement.

    I still think he has the potential to be one of the best players in the world.

    I thought he was a decent price prior to the dividend increase, so now I'm even more confident that when he shows the world what he is capable of, he will be a £2+ player with ease. 👍

  • He along with Laporte and Sane is one of the safest bets on FI at the moment as there is no reason for his price to go down only up as he gets closer to returning.

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