• Some money being spent today... Seems a right surge

  • @Simon-j it will rise further (my opinion). I cant see an end of this rising. Especially because of the WC this year. FI has as far as I can see only about 130.000 users yet. The potential is almost unlimited. There are so many football fans all around the world....

  • @NewUser38991 as a whole maybe, but individual players have a maximum price set by the dividends, for example under current £££ no one will exceed £13-£14 or the returns just don't add up.

  • @Simon-j they will have to add to the dividends such as when they introduced trebles if the value requires it, otherwise the odds on your 3 year bet won’t be a fair reflection and you would rely on capital growth for profit, that’s my take on it anyway, still a while away though and will not change until next season minimum

  • @NewUser38991

    I think there’s a pattern of people who joined a year back and got bored have come back seen growth and invested good money.

    Spoke to a few people who have done this

    Personally I’ve some going up some steady some dropping.

    Salah,Otamendi.son, gundergan,Under the weekends high points scorers seem to be getting investment
    Except under all involved in World Cup Under and Dzeko have gone up due to shock win over Napoli.

  • Quite a bit of the money being spent is probably partly the money released from people selling up some Neymar. His price has dropped a bit today, no one is sure how the shares to price ratio works but selling 100 Neymar would enable someone to buy around 200 shares on most other players so logic would say that you could get a 2p increase in Salah for every 1p decrease in Neymar. No proof of this but it makes sense to me!

  • if you look at the players who have rose theres allot of form players from the teams most likely to make up the last 8 in champions league and like you say fuelled by Neymar funds. Liverpool and Man City have easiest ties. Under has People favour Roma over Donetsk Munich slaughtering Tosun-less Basiktas Man U Real Barca with spurs people see son has a win or flip with the points he earns on PB someone said about a rocky road to £2 which it will be has he’s a base on holders but flippers too. Eriksen being other spurs to gain. I think people more cautious with the spurs Juve over Dybala playing this time and no Toby

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