Angel Di Maria PB king?

  • Seems like he really suits the new PB system and is undervalued in my opinion. Not a ‘pump’ - I already have 300 and will hold him for the foreseeable. My question is he worth topping up at his current price?

  • Booming right now, but If Neymar ever gets fit PSG have so many attacking options it is hard to see him getting a full 90 mins. Good short term option. Fairly new here so just my 2 cents.

  • I'd probably say no to topping up. He'll probably only get another 2, maybe 3 weeks max as a guaranteed starter in the squad. Once Neymar and Mbappé are back fit and firing his game time will be limited.
    I think Di Maria's price now is probably as high as it will be in the short term, so I'd even consider selling him at his current price and get out whilst you're on the peak. Unless Neymar/Mbappé get another injury, I don't see how he gets into the starting forward positions/how his price will increase

  • @Andy I would agree with that, but knowing how injury prone Neymar and mbappe are, he could be one of the best PB players out there.

  • @Sol The 30+ with no Euros will drop from the winter break onwards I’d have thought.
    He’s very nearly 32. Do you see him returning his price?

  • @Timothee-Atouba I can see him being a very good month to month hold. The real test will be from November 1st. If he has a few great games, I definitely can see him being a £2+ player and sustain that value over the season. Who knows, just trying to spot a diamond in the rough.

  • Looks like he’s just missed out on top midfielder, couple that with Trent missing star man, annoying day!!

  • I bought him 16 days ago as a IPD pick....He now up 94.5% (£161 profit)..Came close to selling him yesterday even though he still 14 days away from IPD expire...Thinking he will eventually drop again as he cant keep this form up...Then today as he came 2nd in MB wondering if I should juts keep him for that especially the 16p dividend that starts next week...Decisions to be made...Any advice,,,LOL...2 wins in a Gold day and I am up £56...Cant see him dropping 32p between now and end of season

  • I held from 90p through till two weeks ago. Kicking myself for missing the big rise, but think it’s now a great time for holderes to sell. He’s 32 in Jan and only one more season left on his contract. Therefore likely to be sold in the summer and could drop quite sharply. They signed Sarabia last summer. Also as mentioned by others, game time will be less and non-euro players will be out of favour in second half of the season

  • I currently hold but I will probably sell before the next International break, maybe after the Brugge game.

  • @Scott-M PSG play as one of only 2 games on 1st Nov

  • @Munchie63 is that too soon for a neymar return date?

  • Doing great! I wasn’t expecting him to hit £2+ so quick! Nice 👍 a PB monster in the making 🚀

  • Getting very close to my get out price, probably gonna sell as soon as he hits the 100% mark

  • @ChazFI123 said in Angel Di Maria PB king?:

    Getting very close to my get out price, probably gonna sell as soon as he hits the 100% mark

    That's the problem when a player has a rise like that of Di Maria. If he doesn't start his price will drop. If he doesn't score, his price will drop. If he gets subbed off, his price will drop. If he gets a tough tackle, his price will drop.

    Just look at Joan Jordan at Sevilla. One minute he was proclaimed to be the next PB monster ... now he's a bit part player that never gets a full 90 minutes, and his price is in freefall as a result.

    The market can be very fickle.

    I'd be disembarking this particular ship at the next port of call. 🛶😉

  • Bought him @99p on 25th Sept as an IPD play so couldn't resist getting out at 195p+ as not sure how much gametime he'll get when Neymar returns.

  • @johnboywalker for me he is far more likely to be back around £1.50 than he will be £2.50, everything is currently going in Di Maria’s favour in terms of positioning and he is the creator. Once the first choice front 3 are back he’ll have to play deeper, if he starts and that will lower his scores. However, the fact he is a midfielder does help him in terms of PB in the PSG side. I’m just really not sure how sustainable his price is, exit point is key

  • Up £1.26 per share since 10th August time for me to move on to the next one!!

  • Agree with the above.
    Bought a couple of weeks ago at 99p, won multiple IPD and PB plus 100% cap app. Time to sell up and onto the next one 👍
    Compound gains and all that...

  • Saying all of that though, I think he may have one more rise left in him, game on Friday for PSG so pretty high chances he’ll be on the shortlist for PB. PSG playing bottom of the league

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