Thiago Alcantara

  • notoriously high pb scorer, 225 without a goal or an assist today and as we have seen the rises of kroos and pjanic etc. he is surely next one to get a big rise. Euros for Spain, Cl for Bayern and Bundesliga regular, no reason why this guy cant be 3 quid by next pb win

  • But he doesn't get goals or assists. Bit of a problem that, don't you think?

  • Pretty sure Kroos and Pjanic are on at least some set pieces/pens right? Don’t think Thiago is on any. Probably hence the rise of Pjanic and Kroos compared to thiago

  • @Andy thiago takes corners and some free kicks but generally Kimmich and thiago take up the set peice roles but this season Coutinho has took a few too I believe

  • @CBN such an arrogant response from somebody who has failed to do any research. He has a goal or an assist in 26 percent of his games. Whilst not huge I would say this would still contribute to pb scores. Also, he didn't score or assist today and is still top. Moreover, how do I have an ipd payout for Thiago alcantara when he doesn't score?

  • Or assist as I'm pretty sure I have an ipd payout

  • @Jdog thats the beauty of FI, players dont have to score or assist to make you money it does help but its not necessary unless it’s purely IPD’s you are after. The most consistent PB players are the ones that can achieve huge scores without any goal involvement

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