Tuesday 6th March - IPO Preview - 1 man show

  • Twitter version : https://twitter.com/AgatelloFI/status/970716259888304129 by the way I do the table first because it makes sure I don't miss anything just in case anyone was wondering.

    Tomorrow's IPO's will probably be all done and dusted in value by 10:30 because for me the only rocket will be Rafael Leao : As soon as google threw up multiple stories about Utd and City battling over him and almost every top club having a scouting presence at his last game where "I think" he shone; then the rest of the research was almost pointless. Sporting Lisbon also have a favourable draw in the Europa so he might even score dividends there! This boys going one way and that is up.

    The rest aren't dead wood but none of them quite thrill me enough to suggest they'll experience a large % increase.

    Soyuncu could well get a big move but I don't see a massive reason to buy him even if he did. Suat Serdar probably represents better value but he'll need to move on from where he is currently so 50p is about right for him.

    Ozcan, Orsolini, Stepinski and Mousset are all young and had a certain amount of hype surrounding them but none seem to have kicked on with their careers like others have and although they might enjoy a few purchases they won't be anywhere near the same level as Leao.

  • Leao live and straight up to 96p before even seen on ticker... interesting all the buying and selling....

  • @Agatello how come am sitting here literally refreshing my search every 15 seconds and ne one appears then all of a sudden he's there +50p... It appears not everyone gets players at same time

  • @Simon-j said in Tuesday 6th March - IPO Preview - 1 man show:

    @Agatello how come am sitting here literally refreshing my search every 15 seconds and ne one appears then all of a sudden he's there +50p... It appears not everyone gets players at same time

    I think it is how it is! I’ve never got in there at start either! I bought Paulinho and showing my biggest loss to date 100 x 35p = £35 sometimes best to let the flippers flip clear the market and invest once there ain’t no shares in the market place at rock bottom so all the money you put in adds to the 1p increase not just direct into someone else’s pocket via FI 2%

    The FI gods do what the FI gods do in my opinion lol... but no fair distribution method in sight at mo

  • Morning all, yep he flew and continues to climb.

    On the purchasing front (and trust me I've been where you guys are) there are MANY factors involved when trying to get the best prices. Internet Connection (speed), Location in proximity to the UK backbone, type of device being used, I've seen people suggest one type of iPhone over another due to an improved processor and most importantly of all the amount of people trying to buy them all at the same time.

    The above is about as much advice as you'll get out of anyone because when someone's worked hard to master their own strategy why would anyone suddenly say "right do this, this and this" when that would mean they could be pusher even further down the pecking order.

    Most people spit their dummies out and give up, some persevere and succeed, not much different to anything else in life really.

    Hope this helps.

  • @Agatello

    Fair comment has always. Dam I always known I should of rented that apartment next to FITower & the Bank of Adam!! :-D

    Especially fair play to you! you do the research and deserve the rewards!! And knowledge never comes free or the giver loses out unfairly.

    I think I know where I went wrong in one area but missed the boat today has doing other things.

  • Who's else is just using a mobile? Think this is major factor having used my pc there is more info on page, more pages of players and maybe more chance to catch em

  • I work on iPhone and iPad

  • Approx 5000 futures sold in Rafael leao in less than 5mins... Wonder who got biggest share.. I would have put back to market at 90p.... Saw price flickering up and down so think few tried this

  • @Simon-j wonder who got the biggest share....FI I imagine....

  • @Agatello I think that's a pretty fair assessment. After admittedly whining about Embalo I've started to reconsider and perhaps with the increasing number of users the competition is legit. The IPOs will no doubt be attractive to newbies like myself as it looks like a great way to make a quick profit.

    Like most strategies you will win some and lose some but big wins will more than counteract the losses. I'm still up overall on the IPOs I've went for even after losing a wedge on Embalo.

    If I go for any in the future I'll set a max price I'll buy at and if I miss it, I miss it. I chalk up the Embalo loss to being greedy and impatient, which most people wouldn't associate with a successful trader...

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