Beta graphs misleading and not showing the whole story

  • On the old site, you can see the highs and lows of each movement. For example, Thiago Almada. IPO's at about 1.10, rises to 1.94, settles at 1.79. So you can see what levels of profit taking there was at that period.

    On the Beta, all you see is 1.79. Now we seem to work on the premise that IPO's won't fall below their opening price.

    Looking at the old site, you know he can fall back to 1.10. On the new site, you have no idea what he can fall back to, and may mistakenly believe he won't fall below 1.79.

    Would you prefer the graphs to show the complete movements of high and lows?

  • @Ollie No, I'd prefer to be completely in the dark.

  • @Ollie said

    and may mistakenly believe he won't fall below 1.79.

    Don't worry about Thiago Almada - he WON'T fall below £1.79 (ever) 😁👌

  • @Ollie this is a good point.
    What’s the name of the guy who’s deeloping the beta site? Can someone tag him in, he seems to read the comments.

    We don’t want to get into a position where we have less info.

  • @Ringers im not overly impressed with the new site but its still an awful lot better than the old one. For me the app on iphone (never used android so cant comment on that variation) is almost perfect id just like to see a counter for the length of time ive held a player and the ability to sort by % profit and id have no complaints at all

  • I don't mind the new beta site and think some of the options for filtering your portfolio are a useful improvement, I also like that I can now search by club too, which I have never been able to do before on either the website or app, although I know some have. That said, this point on the graphs is a good one; the range needs to be visible.

  • Rumour has it, if you say Thiago Almada three times into a mirror @Ericali appears behind you with a youtube video of his latest goal.

  • @Ringers

    If ya manage to tag him, might be worth showing him FutBin type graphs, where you can view the hourlies for 3 days as well as zooming in to various periods etc.

  • @Mintyfresh i dont mind it either but will i use it over the app? Probably not as it doesnt have anything over and above the ios app that would draw me to it just now. I like the idea of the snowflake graphs but they need to be based on all time historical data rather than just this season as im assuming thats the reason they are so small at the present time

  • @Black-wolf agreed, as it stands, I'd stick with the app most of the time.

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