The king is dead (injured), long live the king!

  • So Kane has overtaken Neymar and we have a new index King? How low can Neymar fall and how high can Kane go? Been some vocal detractors from Kane and some vocal supporters. Predictions for when it swaps back round?

  • @Ozzlebert neymars figures were based on facts he easily returns 30% rio(I predicted his £12 price) . For me kanes price is inflated based on what might just happen .. England will do nothing at wc again based on fact not hope. For me he's already overpriced........ My personal value of kane is only £8 and that's being generous.

  • @Simon-j agreed, which is the reason why neymar is the only ridiculously expensive player I own and I'm not too concerned he's dropped a bit. His return will be glorious.

  • @Stevo like I said neymar price was based on figures people have seen that £12 and think it's a president for other players prices (it ain't)....

  • @Simon-j if more people join i think FI will eventually increase dividends again which may then mean it's worth it.

  • Neymar price drop is good for the index 1... it’s a reality call that prices can go down has well as up 2... when he drops money’s being invested elsewhere 3..... takes a little pressure off FI finding the money for MB at 10s of K a time.... 4 encurages skill when to flip and buy back. 5 was a lively debate other day about Kane being “a lazy hold” and could work money elsewhere to better effect. We’re seeing now that with top players you need to react to the market and just has likely a injury could happen to kane or others not just a money tree

  • I was wrong with Neymar, didn't think he'd come this low. I think I posted that he'd need to drop below £10 for it to be worth selling as his price at the time and I couldn't see that happening so I'd hold. Could have sold and got the shares back with a little to spare now. Not overly bothered but just like to hold a hand up and say I was wrong when I am!

    I do think Kane is a bit overinflated but he is England's best player, likely Captain, has potential transfer links in the summer and scores in 3's which are all great FI indicators. His rise has been the steadiest I have even seen, he just seems to be up 5-10p all the time which is another sign that it's not a 'boom and bust' or flipper rise. I fully expect a crash around the world cup but when it will happen is the question?

  • @Ozzlebert

    World Cup crash. I think with no footy after for a few weeks there will be allot of jitters if teams don’t hit the ground running I think the first Egypt lose could wipe out Salah. But could see his bubble going crazy at opening ceremony till Egypt kick a football and people have a reality check to how crap the team his same could be said about Son and South Korea and Eriksen and Denmark but there all have premier league after and prices not as vonarable as the Egyptian kings.. naymar may not turn up yet and Kane will be hammered at some point. I think players over £4 are biggest risks has traditionally £4 is a fair price for a top player. I think the FI picture will change and Ozil and Alderweireld after the World Cup could be safe haven currency’s of FI football if one sulks for united and other forces a move for united just my views

  • I can see Neymar dropping further over the next weeks, he may win media once or twice these days when if as expected PSG is kicked out by RM and the paper will stick his name in but then it will dry out until towards the end of the league when the WC build up really starts on the papers and he will come good again
    Can’t play now so no PB, a couple of 5p possible MB returns do not justify investment at the moment as he should drop more than that but his price tag will be justified again once nearing the return to action / papers start talking WC
    Planning to buy at the beginning of May and wouldn’t be surprised if his price dropped to about £8-£9 by then

  • @Ermejo i can see Neymar drop to £8 there will now be a knock on effect that he has dropped below his original spread price. The wise people will bale out of Kane early maybe in around 6 weeks and the cash will go back into Neymar again. There will be a big crash in WC players after the WC which could resulpture players prices as we have known them. I have avoided them and gone for transfer certs, the cash will plough into them very quickly towards the later stages of the tourny

  • Top of the decrease list, top of the MB ranking - that probably doesn't happen very often!

  • @BL__FI

    It’s proping him up don’t knock it

  • @Chicken-Badge Not knocking at all :) I still hold some so the more dividends the better as far as I'm concerned!

  • @BL__FI said in The king is dead (injured), long live the king!:

    @Chicken-Badge Not knocking at all :) I still hold some so the more dividends the better as far as I'm concerned!

    The ones with patience with Neymar will be winners in the end however may have to wait till next season for performance it’s just a question how much media between now and then. I think he will get fuel to steady the drop and bounce back next season has long has he’s ok. I do think the money coming off him will go on top 200 players who are performance buzz players then when he’s fit money will go back on him.. stagnant money principle

  • @Chicken-Badge I sold some of my futures when the operation news came out to partially de-risk but I haven't seen anything to suggest he won't be fit to play in the World Cup to be honest (and would probably make some pre-tournament friendlies to build up a bit of match fitness).

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