Lucas Torreira

  • Interesting article on the media ranking (giving him some MB points, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed):

    Torreira’s price went down almost 30 per cent in a year. He is still 23 y/o. I bought a few.

  • It crossed my mind too when he was playing further forward again against Vitoria last week, as it is an attractive price for an attacking player in a PL team. I think he started his career as a winger, but got moved back and really flourished at Sampdoria in the deeper role. That said, although he might be playing this more advanced role at the moment, I'm not convinced he's got the quality to carry it off in the PL consistently. I'm hoping he moves back to the defensive midfield role, as his energy and ability to cover offers far more protection to the back 4 ; Xhaka and Guendouzi have more quality but they don't sense the danger or cover the ground in the same way that Torreira does. Sadly though, Emery doesn't seem to trust him, hence most of his appearances this year have been in the EL. Ultimately, at 80p he could be a good purchase, but I suspect he would need to get back into the PL team on a consistent basis for him to recover the 30% he has lost in the last year. I'm not sure I see this happening under Emery, but as a player I really like him and surely his time will come again.

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