• What happens to players you have shares in if their team gets relegated at the end of the season?

  • They would likely drop in value as they'd no longer be in a qualifying league for IPDs / PB but other than that nothing. The ''bet'' isn't lost or anything dramatic.

  • @NewUser465931 I've previously been advised that anyone not playing in a 'qualifying' league for over 12 months will be removed from the index but I'm yet to see it happen.

  • @Stevo

    That would be an odd move since they often add players in non qualifying leagues e.g. Eredivise and Austrian Bundesliga

  • @Stevo I'm sure I read that they have to be playing no football at all for a year before they'd be removed. I think it was on an Adam Cole Q&A or something similar.

    We've seen player's IS price drop to 0 with retirement announcements & tragic deaths but plenty of examples of players not playing football in a qualifying league for over a year and not being removed so there's no way they could suddenly start doing that.

  • One of 2 things, if they are likely to leave the club for another pb team the price goes up. If not then a decline is inevitable. Though good form in tge championship can bring them right bacm up depending possible promotion or tramsfer spec

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