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  • Investing £100 (small I know) and looking to make a small return within 4 months, whom shall I invest in?

  • @KingJimoT how much risk do you want to take? Do you want to invest and forget about it or be involved daily? Loads of different strategies and ways to make money. All depends what you feel comfortable with. £100 is like a starter drug. Be careful or you'll be injecting money in like some of us!

  • If I only had £100 I’d have Mendy has he’s due back against united or champions league People may cash out but he’s still less than the other city players and 50 mill of talent. So good to go in small he also should be a France wing back.... I’d watch for Son to fall if the flippers get out after Juve game and (invest before if he’s cheap before next home game at Wembley for obvious reasons). Alderweireld could be summer transfer gossip move to United ain’t played but still cheap for his quality.. the longer Ozil sulks the lower he will drop but if jumped on at right time or if Joachim low goes to Arsenal he will be a good buy same has If Man U talk starts to pick up again bookie have Ozil 2 united 3/1 and Alderweireld at 2/1 to go there last I looked. If you buy son Eriksen or Salah watch out for there World Cup teams playing crap and get out if things turn crap quick. That I would say is with £100 don’t go for the big boys has not much fun watching 12 players.. longer your here you will realise it’s not just about money it’s about fun too and a release from the real world and it’s pressures I’m no expert people been here longer than me but hopefully there something you can take from the above. Also city players are popular 2 days back gundergan was your man but gone up lots since

  • @KingJimoT with a snal budge you want cheap under valued players under £1 so you can buy as many shares as posible, but someone likely to rise very soon then flip them and repeat.

  • Look at the fixture list over the next week. See what teams you think will do well and then pick players from those teams. Europa League on Thursday has some good fixtures to choose from. Pick players that you think will do well and either flip them for profit before the game or what and see if they get PB.

  • Toni kroos could go far in champions league
    Could go far in World Cup .

    Only my opinion. Good luck with who you decide :)

  • Walker £1 looks a canny bet😁

  • Fellani could be cheap he's 68p coming back for Utd very soon, think he's off to PSG in the summer so might get some MB and he plays for Belgium and he plays well for them

  • @NewUser92251 said in Investment Help:

    Fellani could be cheap he's 68p coming back for Utd very soon, think he's off to PSG in the summer so might get some MB and he plays for Belgium and he plays well for them

    Am I being stupid of is this just instant money? Just bought 25 x 67p was going to get a couple of hundred but it sounds too good to be true! Aparantly PSG he’s Belgium too

  • Walker a decent shout above. Man City get some nice game days coming up. Try to think long term too as ovetrading will decimate a £100 pot. Keep numbers low you only need to make little profit on a flip. Tbh pick the well known players with European competition and wc, transfer speculation if you can and you'll do fine mate

  • @NewUser92251 be careful with that one though pal I've also seen a lot of stories linking him to Galatasary and if he moves outside the PB leagues could drop a lot in price.

  • @NewUser92251 @Chicken-Badge not much chance of PB as he doesn't score alot and there are only so many chest passes you can do in a game! If PB points were handed out for elbows he'd be in everyone's portfolio.

    Not sure how he'd win any dividends? I'd be surprised if a 30yo defensive midfielder will gain enough to be valid for MB and I don't even think he will play in the world cup other than as a last resort. Personally I'd steer well clear but I have been wrong before and I'm sure I'll be wrong again.

  • @Ozzlebert to be fair I was surprised he actually does have quite decent PB scores. His best scores are 220 and 181 so he's actually pretty decent for PB when playing regularly. Still he's not for me at his age and possibility of a move to Turkey but at that low price he's not much of a risk.

  • @MrFrenchTickler that is surprising!

  • @MrFrenchTickler Yeah he isn't as bad as you would think for PB. I have bought in personally but I get your reasoning. I decided to get on him purely as I think there will be a rise when he returns from injury. If my hold makes it past kick off I'll be amazed! In hindsight the potential return might be pretty poor but hes up nearly 9% for me so far

  • @Pierrey2129 yeah I was looking at him when he was first injured and hoping to get out before he returned but got scared off by the rumours linking him to Turkey. If they weren't around I probably would have picked him up. Still think he could have pretty decent returns but I don't like the risk attached at the moment.

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