Dividend Matrix winning points bonus for the team

  • I think I now know the answer to this watching PSG v Marseilles and had Di Maria 6 points off top midfielder then expected 18 points to be added as the final whistle went and they won...Never happened...Does the winning points get added to the players as soon their team in in the lead and therefore no extra point added at the end....Thanks in advance for any help

  • Believe so yes. It's my understanding that the only things added after the final whistle should be clean sheet points for GK's and defenders

  • @Scott-M correct, which is why you'll see substitutes with 18 points when their team take the lead

  • Thansk for that info to you both

    ...Never really noticed this before as new to this ...I always worry too that players that are only 15 points behind will overtake me as they are winning..So in future can relax on that one too.

    ..I presume then the winning goal is awarded mid game and removed if it changes as the game progresses?

  • @Scott-M correct

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