How is everyone feeling about the index now things are settling down after the dividend announcement?

  • It's been a while since the announcement. How is everyone feeling since all the bonuses and announcements have now finished?

  • I feel warm like a Labrador covered in honey and feathers!

    It's going to be big for Nov 1st! Who's the first fixture on that day? Hoffenheim vs Paderbon but the real one is...

    Dijon vs PSG..return of Neymar to win first set of new Divs?

  • @Tom7471

    Funnily enough, I was just thinking about this.

    I'll have access to my account on Saturday for the first time in a month, and I'll have a lovely cash balance to invest back into FI. Having a month off from trading has allowed me to analyse, contemplate and decide on my new strategy going forward and I'm happy to share it (when I'm able to trade again - don't want those player prices climbing any higher until I own them! 😂).

    The strategy I planned to adopt was one of short-term quick flip and daily trading but, since the divs announcement, I am compelled to revert back to a portfolio consisting of more long-term dividend-earning holds.

    My one main concern is this:

    I've taken the best part of a month to eventually decide on an investment strategy based on the recent change to the dividend structure. What worries me slightly is, my new "bets" will take into account a 3 year potential return but we know that FI are doing a divs review every year now. So, it's possible that the goalposts will move again in 12 months time (affecting my new bets, maybe positively, maybe negatively 🤔).
    The sensible thing might be to just invest 50% into med-term holds (less than 1 year) and have a dabble at the daily trading game, which was my initial intention. DECISIONS DECISIONS 🙈🤔😂

  • Few things there @ScouseSte. 50% in day trading is a lot for someone who clearly wants 'investments'. Also I've found already since starting to have a dabble that a 'day trade' can sometimes take a fortnight if they dont play for any reason. Thirdly, sometimes a player who looks like hes obviously gonna rise is best bought deliberately early. I know you saw my post a few days back in your fixture research thread about bobby skov. His upcoming fixtures make him obvious but if I'd waited till thurs /fri I'd have missed some of the value as I'm already 10p up as people are already picking him up

  • @MickTurbo

    Yea Mick when I say "day trading" I mean buying players every day in anticipation of forthcoming games. So a bit like a conveyor belt, Monday buy a new stock who is playing on Friday (small amount of the 50% earmarked), whilst selling a player purchased a week earlier who has hopefully risen nicely ahead of his game that night. Repeat the process Tues, Wed etc.

    Just a thought anyway.

    The idea is to use that 50% to essentially experiment with strategies, whilst the other 50% brings home the divs :)

  • @ScouseSte yeh you should make money that way mate. At present I've got 3 players who are gonna be short holds and got my next 2 picked out. It's actually quite engaging in it's own way.

    The idea is that the amount of money here will stay the same as profits from each trade will be put into topping up or rounding off my proper holds. Its satisfying actually and I may increase the percentage in using so that I can have a few more of these to create, as you say, a conveyor belt, because when you only have 3 and 2 are stalling it gets a little bit frustrating

  • Consider the direction of the platform?

    If FI deliver a Dividend heavy review in response to disgruntlement regarding short term trading where do you think the future changes to this platform are going to be headed. Short-termism isn't currently en-vogue.

  • When you look at the top end of the market apart from Messi / De Bruyne nothing has really changed much - even with Neymar, his price was £7.78 at one point in July and was actually higher that it is now after the share split (although this was an artificial spike) in fact a lot of them are are actually down since the announcement (Hazard/Salah) and these are arguably amongst the more reliable long term PB players.

    This week / next week will be interesting to see what happens to the top of the market as people will have been paid for the first time since the re structuring. - although with the imminent release of IPO's any growth here may be stunted as traders continue to hold back their £ in hope that they get on some of these.

    In a normal month on FI you would normally expect the last week to be the most positive thats been my experience in the past.

    i suspect they will have expected a bigger reaction to the announcement at the top end than there has been up to now but they have - up to now been able to rationalise it by the fact that people had used up their cash in the lead up to and initially after the announcement.

    There seemed to be a lot of talk straight afterwards about the top end players hitting £10/£11 before the end of the season but If you take Neymar out of the equation the next 2 players are non dividend generating Mbappe / Sancho at around £6.60 so realistically, for that to happen there is going to have to be some pretty hefty investments made between now and then.

  • @Advinculas-Index I think when you get 70-80p in a capp app of a single performance (Pulisic) we are still going to see a huge amount of traders flipping rather than long-term holding. The only difference is that they are now flipping based on PB scores rather than goals alone.
    The whole Sevanier rapid rise last weekend and subsequent drop this weekend is something I think we will see a lot more of with flippers now targeting that area of the market.
    The top end just isn't going to move I don't think until we get closer to the later stags of the CL/EL and the Euros. Still too easy to make very quick and large profits from flipping rather than holding.

  • @ScouseSte ive just joined you in timing myself out for a week, so not as long as you but long enough for me to avoid madness of 1st Nov.
    I’m gonna enjoy not checking my port every day, that’s for sure! Just let my port do it’s thing and hopefully I would’ve earned a few divs in the meantime.
    Currently my port is only 7 players, ranging from 150-250 holds in Messi, Kroos, Thauvin, Barella, Savanier. So all PB atm for me

  • @Andy
    Pb is the way ahead.
    Trying to work out who the moderately unknown underpriced players are who will be good for pb next season onwards...
    Any tips much appreciated 😁

  • @NewUser69589 Thorgan Hazard or Julian Brandt could be good shouts for potential PB in the future, and maybe the odd PB win this season - Thorgan Hazard came close to winning already this season.
    Don’t hold either, but one thing to keep an eye on would be how often they complete 90mins.
    Both still under £2 so not majorly expensive

  • Media’s still pissing me off...

    Who can predict xhaka telling fans to F off

  • @Chap Can't predict the exact headline but Xhaka has always divided opinion amongst Arsenal fans (similar to Ozil) so inevitable he will grab headlines at some points throughout the season.

  • @Chris-J

    Not going to buy xhaka for media though are you.

  • My only problem with buying Xhaka is that there isn't enough treble media days coming up (if any at all) that would guarantee him winning media divs. Even on single/double game days, the most likely media winner will come from someone scoring the winner from those game days, in my mind that means Xhaka's chance of winning is even less. I honestly thing this will just blow over in the next few days or so, but that's just me.

    If you decide to buy him more power to you

  • I just think anyone who held Xhaka before yesterday's game will be getting a nice 5p dividend haul from yesterday and today, plus a bit of capital appreciation.
    I don't see the point in buying now after this particular horse has bolted.

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