Are you as surprised as me??

  • ...that prices have not risen accordingly in relation to the massively attractive dividend increases?

    Tell me if I’m wrong:
    Player is worth £1:50
    You have 1000 shares at £1500

    He gets 6 best striker and 3 star man over a period, you can say 3 years as that’s the max, could be less.

    6 x 8 = 48p
    3 x 8 = 24p
    Total - 72p

    That’s almost 50% dividend on initial investment. Pretty awesome and on top of that theres possibility of positive price movement.

    Am I going mad!?

  • @NewUser69589 You're right....and it's huge. But a lot of traders at the moment simply see bigger returns than that in short-term trading and flipping. For the more passive investor the dividends are absolutely massive.

  • @NewUser69589 said in Are you as surprised as me??:

    Am I going mad!?

    No, you're not. But he could also break both his legs, move to china, get relegated out of a PB league, decide to retire early and devote the rest of his life to the Church of the flying spaghetti monster, etc

    There are also plenty of players who will never win PB, even over three years.

    T'is why it is gambling.

  • Can you point me towards a £1.50 striker who is very likely to win PB on a Gold / Triple Match Day at least twice a season?

    This is a genuine question, because I'm struggling to find any sensibly priced PB players that win more than once a season. Most of them seem to be £3 or £4.

  • I hold a lot of strikers, every dog has it’s day, one pb win and star man and its a brilliant return.

  • @ocs123

  • @ocs123
    Not a striker and slightly over 1:50 who I have invested in heavily is Goretzka
    Euros coming up as well

  • The thing is it's taken 4 years to put players prices where they are. In theory everybody is suddenly worth 57% more but the WOM involved cant just happen in the blink of an eye.

    Some people on here will be absolutely minted but for the majority it doesnt grow on trees. I think it could take well over a year to see rise like that.

    Neymar's up near enough £3 in a year. For arguments sake say hes gone from £5-£8. That's 900(futures)×300(pence) at an average price of £6.50. That rise has cost £1,755,000.

    For him to go another £3 in the next year its gonna take 900(futures)×300(pence) at an average price of £9.50. That's gonna cost £2,565,000.

    You could apply a similar calculation to every player on the index. I'm glad it hasnt just happened over night because the steady growth allows the masses to get a piece of the pie. Even some of the bigger boys on the forum are small fries compared to some of these £500,000+ ports we hear about

  • @NewUser69589 you are right. Prices have a lot of growth left in them the easiest way to see it is at the top of the index. I sold upmy whole port and increased my holdings in premium players the day before the announcement of the announcement. Since then I can see that Neymar is up 10% and Messi is up just over 12% however with dividends being increased 50% and more so for regular star man winners like these two id say their ceiling price is a good bit higher still.

    Really all this means that FI got the dividend increase spot on and theres now plenty of growth left. In my opinion slow an steady growth is exactly what we need to keep everyone happy for longer and the reason behind it is down to current users having in as much money as they can afford to gamble so further growth now depends on current members future income and deposits and advertising and new members joining

  • @Black-wolf
    Yeh completely agree.
    So much growth - reckon there will be a a few players who will end up paying their price back in dividends alone.
    Surprised more investors haven’t reacted to this but as you said slow growth is good but I reckon when people start seeing dividends being paid at 16p ... 😍😍

  • You also have to consider a dividend increase was already priced in - most players were way overpriced in the old div structure

  • The only problem I have is that there's really only a small pool of players who will benefit from the increased dividends. I.e. those who are capable of winning star man. that's the areas that has seen biggest increase..

    I agree most players can fluke a top position maybe once a season. But the way the increase is mostly focused on star man is annoying. Would rather see more people "winning" but smaller amounts (2nd and 3rd positions paying our for example).

    Like TAA yesterday almost getting star man without a clean sheet, goal or pretty crazy.

  • @Abaalan i agree tiers would be great but what became clear after the share split was that very few people found rewards of 1p’s and 2p’s enticing. Holding 1000 of a player to get £10 for an IPD(which was recently the trend) just felt poor no matter if you were here before or after the split and im sure most dont look at %yield to much either. If they want to attract the masses the initial rewards need to look better, now 1000 futures in one player can return you up to £160 on a gold matchday it looks so much more interesting. I think they will do tiers one day as it will add more value throughout the index but to do so and offer decent rewards may stretch them a little at this moment in time. Maybe it will come next review if growth has been big enough

  • @Black-wolf

    I think some of us are still digesting the information and the market is still adapting to the PB changes.

  • @MickTurbo not wanting to dilute your point, which is absolutely valid, but where did we end up in terms of deciding if its 900 or 600 futures that shift the price at the top end? There was a vibrant thread a while back where some were testing it out, but not sure what concluson was or whether FI have shifted again?! Just asking out of interest :)

  • Not too surprised because, barring a handful of guaranteed PB Winners, it's still damn tricky to win dividends. Especially now that MB is a free-for-all... currently, on a treble media day, the top 3 players all cost under a quid!

    The impact of opening up MB was greatly underestimated. It isn't the end of the world though, it just means the "safe" money is being transferred from those players that were formerly guaranteed MB divs into the small band of players almost guaranteed PB divs now.

    And a certain degree of volatility shall remain.

    I am personally quite intrigued and unfazed by how things are developing. I think the balance seems OK for now

  • @TotalPunt yeh you're absolutely right mate I hadnt considered that. I reckon the first figure will still be damn close but the figure I gave for the next £3 may be some way off actually.

    To answer your question I dont know what the conclusion was in all honesty and I'm not convinced anybody does.

    I know @Ericali and @Vespasian32 did a lot of investigating, but cant remember how it finished. Maybe they can remember

  • @TotalPunt still the same when I tested on Friday last week. 680ish between £1-? 600 over £6

    930 below £1...some unknowns inbetween as at the time I didn't have many players. I'll do some more tests next week now I have a more varied port.

  • @Vespasian32 thanks for confirming.

    Doesn't affect me with my small time investment but feels like its another variable which shouldn't be tinkered with too often.

  • 600 over £4
    680 £2-£3.99 (roughly)
    780 £1-2 (roughly)
    930 sub £1

    Edited for @ScouseSte

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