• Why is he so cheap? Am I missing something? He's a regular starter and most of the time he completes 90 min for Napoli who have the potential to go deep into the Champions League. He's averaging 116.44 from 9 games this season and overall average of 111.43 from 42 games. He also chips in with goals and assists. The only negative I can see is he's Brazilian so obviously won't be in the Euro's.

    Can anyone see any negatives? as I'm very tempted to get involved.

  • @Pagey74 looking at FI Scout, he's never posted a score of 200+, so I'm guessing that's why people are avoiding him. However for his price you can't really go wrong, only need to win once on the right day under the new format to get some decent returns

  • There are a lot of decent PB players in this price range who are all 'too cheap' now in comparison to the top of the pack - I think its only a matter of time before they rise - I made a list of 'value' PB players (all 100+ average and mostly under 31) around a week ago and Allan was on it;

    alaba 0.96
    marcelo 0.52
    kyle walker 0.50
    zinchenko 1.31
    alonso 0.73
    hummels 0.74
    xhaka 0.86
    danilo 0.52
    halstenberg 1.20
    herelle 0.51
    allan 0.46
    alex sandro 0.84
    thiago mendes 0.67
    charles aranguiz 0.66
    cesar azpilicueta 0.40
    florent mollet 0.71
    rakitic 0.62 (not certain he has a 100+ PB average but would have if he played 90 minutes - linked with moves away)

    Understandably quite a few south Americans in there but all represent huge value if you feel you have missed the boat with the elite PB players.

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