Moreno vs Moreno

  • Who to buy, Rodrigo Moreno (Valencia) or Gerard Moreno (Villareal) ?

    So am looking for peoples thoughts, one way or the other. Or maybe buy holdings in both? Just wanted to see what people think before spending the cash.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Alberto.

  • Rodrigo is Spain’s number striker.
    Champions league, maybe soon to be europa by finishing 3rd.
    Transfer spec.

    I don't know much about the other one to be fair.

  • I personally think if form continues Morata may end up starting for Spain come the euros

  • @Jonnyw89 Indeed i already hold Morata, and Rodrigo's Spain shirt if defo up for grabs. Gerard Moreno, 7 goals in 10 appearances currently golden boat leader in la liga, so thinking that he could usurp both of them come the Euros, but no European foot ball with villareal this season which is a bummer. Like how many number 9's do Spain actually have, rodrigo, gerard moreno, morata, alcacer, costa, you would think that would take 3 of them to the euros?

  • @Chris-C I actually would fancy it to be Morata Rodrigo and Alcacer but if Gerard Moreno keeps scoring be hard to leave him out

  • Re Rodrigo and Spain, I read a blog on it and its his team and link up play which keeps him number one, he has a pretty good assist record also.

  • 100% the villerael guy for FI purposes - his baselines are good and has a regular chance at PB (140 without a goal or assist) actually hasn’t been in goal scoring form last 3/4 but normally good IPD and scored at the weekend so should be back at it :)

  • @Chap Yeah I've just bought into him too (Gerard), decent looking fixtures and he's on a bit of a dip at the minute.
    Could get some extra attention for the game on Thursday with everyone probably watching Cazorla for PB haha

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