Granit Xhaka

  • I see potential for the current story to play out over a few week's and potentially a few MB opportunities as a result, it's not everyday a player tells his own fans to *#£@!off!

    He's still got to issue a statement, players seem to be divided on whether to back him publicly, every ex Arsenal player wants to chime in and that's before we see what kind of reception he gets next game out. There's also the question mark on retaining the captaincy and even if he will be considered for the next game.

    Should be nailed on for the 3p MB today but believe there's value in holding. How do others see it?

  • I view the scenario exactly the same as you.

  • @DW I agree. Think there could be a fair bit of MB to come as this plays out.

  • Me too, surely a few wins to come. Relatively quiet week of football to come, domestically in particular so hopefully they will just keep churning out the stories. Next I hope he starts slagging ian Wright off then kolasinac fills him in

  • Think he's great value now we can see he'll be a media threat, there's older midfielders with very similar pb returns to Xhaka who have no chance of winning MB at over £3.

  • Manager vs players vs fans viscous circle, media heaven. Hold.

  • Quick mb question which is related. Does f**k get credited as fuck?

    Obviously fuck is minus points so wanted to know whether his mb score is monumental, or the result of a flawed system?

  • @NallyCat even for the proven PB players over £3, if I had £1,000 to invest today I'd certainly question whether I'd put it on one of them or Xhaka right now.

    Using Kroos as an example, at the current price of £3.51 a Gold game day win including the 🌟 man bonus would yield a 4.5% div return. Of course the chance of him winning a gold game day with the star man bonus is by no means a guarantee in the year.

    Picking up Xhaka at the current price of 95p would have almost certainly guaranteed you 3p MB win on the same day, a 3.2% div return. That's a 3 year hold you automatically start with a 3% return on and most likely a few more % by the end of the week.

    Yes you can throw a capital appreciation debate in but roughly speaking Xhaka only needs to increase by 1p for a 1% increase compared to Kroos needing to increase by 3.5p to get the same % rise.

    In short I'm surprised more people didn't jump on this today, can only assume it's a blinkered 'PB is king' view.

  • can only assume it's a blinkered 'PB is king' view.

    I'm actually now weighing up MB flipping.

    Who'd have thunk it

  • Based on your experience, can his MB run last a week + other spikes based on expected behaviors (game approaching he is not playing, he posting something, coach to leave etc)?

    I would’t like to sell before a 50%+ dividend run

  • @NewUser455434
    Think it will drag on for a while yet. Will be shocked if he doesn't win MB again today - Arsenal press conference today ahead of the Liverpool game and there's only one thing that'll be reported on from that!

  • He is winning with a similar score compared to previous days.

    I don’t see this fading away until Sat at least; then there will be occasional spikes in MB days or single/double PB days with no UK team involved

  • Waiting for the Arsenal team to wear Granit Xhaka tshirts during the warm up tomorrow! 😂

    Honestly I bought Xhaka on the 21st as a punt that didn't work out for the game day then couldn't shift him. After today I'll have a 10% dividend return on him + 10% in cap app and I can only see a few more MB returns coming in the following weeks.

    Gone from a punt to a must hold for me (at least in the short term), funny how the index works some times.

  • Looks like arsenal are doing well in Mb from dumb and dumber. Xhaka is a magnet at the moment and Ozil isolation and transfer links sure to rack some nice Mb up always 300+ points on arsenal game day

  • Quite MB magnet are the Arsenal...Ozil, Pepe, now will be the potential new captain. I've seen Guendouzi being mentioned.
    What to gooner fans 20 very young??? Probably catapult him into Euro French squad if he gets it.

  • @Julian-Noble Rob Holding for me. Or Luiz. Or Lacazette.

  • @Westy Yes, interesting week ahead. Emery will probably go with experience. Most likely Luiz. Guendouzi one for the future.

  • @Julian-Noble can’t say I agree with this can’t see Luiz playing too much next year with Saliba big talks on another cb maybe upermacano (praying ) if so I would expect Auba likely to be next captain as he did name him as his vice anyways so is logical.

    Personally I’d want guendozi then laca then hector

  • Well, what to say
    Sun 2p
    Mon 3p
    Tue 2p

    ..and from Friday is 3p/day

    Hard to say, but this guy is returning the best div ROI on the index this week (at least this week).

    15-20p MB wins still coming in the next 2-3 weeks

  • I considered buying him on the announcement he would be captain. But i didnt and have really regretted it but im trying to avoid pure MB holds. Should of went with my gut on this one but saying that i never expected this. Well done to anyone on this one im going sit and watch from the stands now though

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