Is there a way of seeing all the treble media buzz days and bronze silver and gold days weeks and maybe months in advance?

  • I was just thinking about doing some more long term planning and wondered if it's possible to do this?

  • @Tom7471

    You can't get to far ahead because of Countries Spain that work out there fixtures much closer to the date.

    Is good as well. Drew has a PB planner that lets you see a couple of weeks ahead.

    Using FIS PB planner for example you can see the one of first new Bronze match days is a match between SPAL and Sampdoria. Two poor teams with a small chunk of the starting players not even listed on the index. I would then be thinking which team is likely to win the match (very hard call), then which players to buy, based on chance to win using historical facts and lastly looking at there next run of games for IPDs if I get stuck with a player. SPAL have Udinese and Genoa next and Sampdoria have Atalanta and Udinese. So I would say SPAL players have a easier next two game.

    Is that the kind of planning you looking to do?

  • Yeah that's exactly that. Thanks very much for the advice.

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