Candreva - Why’s he trending?

  • Does anyone know?

  • Got a big score and won pb last game. In one of only 2 games tonight.

  • Careful of that spread though. I'd suggest it indicates few holders with large holdings.

    Age... Euro20... Etc doesn't look long term. A low pb tonight will see a dump.

  • @Westy

    Thanks for the heads up! I actually own 100 from 33p so very happy with the raise, I didn’t even see the dividends!

  • Spread just went from 9p to 5p🤔

  • @JoshAF91

    If you are interested, his left sided counterpart for Inter is

    Cristiano Biraghi - 55p

    Unsurprisingly, the tactics employed by Conte focus heavily on the wing backs (just like Chelsea did with Victor Moses).

    Candreva had 20 crosses (10 accurate) in the last game against Parma. This contributed massively to his PB winning score.

    Biraghi was less successful, but still had 13 crosses (2 accurate).

    He has started 3 games so far this season for Inter and also started at left back for Italy in the most recent Euro qualifiers.

    The new PB scoring matrix has devalued central defenders, and given a helping hand to full backs/wing backs.

    Biraghi just turned 27 on 1st September, so plenty of life left in this one, as opposed to the old man Candreva. 😉👍

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