Youth revival

  • I've gone against the trend and rebought brewster, greenwood, gomez etc as I think they'll play a part in the league cup fixtures this week. Hopefully get back on track and stop slipping, getting better and better value as they keep dropping price wise

  • Better value how? They return nothing and the dividends have increased making the logical Pb/mb players more valuable. Once everyone feels the best Pb/mb players are at their market cap, money may move back into youth. However the dividends have been significantly increased and the top players prices I believe are a long way off catching up. Once money moves back into youth and 29yr old Italian left backs for no reason other than to begin a new Ponzi scheme FI are likely to step in and increase dividends etc

  • Que: there’s loads of ways to make money on FI ...

  • @Tincan i mean more than they are probably near to bottoming out and considering a 3 year bet they will hopefully be breaking through and cementing a place and with the league cup is an opportunity for them to get back in peoples heads

  • Their time will come round again I'm sure, but I'm not convinced that they've bottomed out yet, holders are basically going to miss out on all of the dividend increases for the next 12-18 months in order to hold these youth players

  • Gomes is my biggest loss at the moment, hope he can get back on track

  • @Tincan Do people realise these youngsters actually night go on to be next TAA, Maddison,Rashford, dont buy a ticket you can't win the raffle, only takes a great performance by a youngster and they fly, haaland e.g.

  • @MUFC Why not just buy the actual TAA, Maddison and Rashford. Some of the youngsters are close to the same price. Also their ages are 21, 22 and 21. They are youngsters!

  • They may and probably will win decent divs but there is also no harm in getting in on the next lot but having 5 times the amount of shares as you would in the mentioned players? Both systems will work long term, just depends how quick you want divs to come in. It's notoriously hard to win pb on triple days so if you ask me players like TAA are overpriced in my eyes but time will tell

  • @MUFC How many of these youngsters are guaranteed to be regular PL players and dividend returners? Maybe 2 out of a list of 5. Also why do you think Trent is overpriced out of curiosity?

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    Been some big notable fallers in the youth category so if you do believe in those players now may be the time to buy.

    However, with the new divs coming into force now I would say hold off. I still feel people are gonna be selling the youth holds for a little while longer to put into PB players meaning young players will continue to steadily drop. I’d personally wait until mid-November and then re-evaluate.

  • @ChazFI123 Maybe because he's 25% more expensive than the next defender (Kimmich), 86% more than the next (VVD) and 150%+ more than the rest.
    Don't get me wrong, I think he's great but there's a little too much of a gap there imo

  • @dean73 isn’t he outperforming both of them though PB wise and is considerably younger? TAA career is only just starting and he’s already the top performing defender in terms of dividends. If anything I’d say the other defenders are undervalued rather than he’s over priced

  • @ChazFI123 Age isn't that relevant as long as his 'competitors' are still doing the business in 3yrs. I think the likes of Kimmich and VVD are safe on that front.

    If anything I’d say the other defenders are undervalued rather than he’s over priced

    That's exactly the same thing, you sneaky bugger! 😂 You can only value something in relation to others e.g. £20 for Pogba or whatever he was pre share split was only relevant when compared to everyone else before, not what prices they are now.

  • I've been watching their price drop too and been wondering when might be a good time to get back in. Maybe december as that would take you up the 2022 world cup finals, just in case any of these youngster get a sniff of their national sides.

  • @dean73 I agree in that I think Kimmich’s price will end up closer to TAA’s, he will probably have a decent rise soon (not sure if it’s already happened today), but I personally think there should be a fairly substantial gap between Trent and VVD as things stand, cause PB is so much in favour of full backs currently, once the media is out the way for the Balon D’or there’s a chance VVD may not return a dividend for the rest of the season. I think this past year will be VVD’s biggest return in terms of dividends, and unless the scoring system is changed I don’t think his value will increase much long term

  • Jeez. Greenwood's on the team sheet for an Under 21 game tonight. He needs to be getting some minutes with the first team, not fannying about playing Doncaster Rovers.


  • Swore I'd done my last IS and I've been really disciplined lately but I've just bit the bullet on one of my kids who only had a 3p spread. Kept a tracker but used the money to top up on kimmich. Much better investment in current market conditions

  • My port is mainly youth and my port is dying like a fish out of the water Szob at Salzburg dropping 10p today was the last breath RIP

  • Bit the bullet on my last remaining kids all barring bukayo saka. His spread is fuckin brutal which is why I havent pulled the trigger yet, but I'm really considering it.

    If I do IS I'll be looking at probably oyarzabal, chiesa or havertz. Or possibly some non PB transfer spec players, the most obvious being fernandes or maybe van de beek. Already hold plenty of the heavyweights and well known 2nd tier pb players

    Post IS and 2%, my 300 saka are worth basically £645 which is about 5.5% of my port. I'm -34p on him

    Would appreciate peoples thoughts

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