How do you factor in age into a price?

  • Any tips guys as I never used to buy players over 25 when I first started but now I'm not so fussed but no idea the value of the older players.

  • @Tom7471 its hard because you dont know were others stand on this but for me ive always aimed for Dividends and for PB i feel players are in their prime between 27 and 32 for midfielders but can be slightly lower for forwards with the exception of Messi and Ronaldo. Generally though peoples interest drops when a player is over 30 but i also feel that this is where you can pick up some big PB bargins but you also have to have an exit strategy thought out

  • @Tom7471 I don't think the market does a good job of factoring in age at all - I think everyone thinks they won't be the one left holding at the end and can get out first on older players which of course everyone can't.
    The way I look at age is through expected dividend yield. So on a younger player I'm fine with a 10% yield in divs but for someone over 30 I'm gonna want a 25-30% dividend yield maybe more if I think they only have a year or 2 left. So in simple terms the less time they have left in their career, the higher the dividend yield I would be wanting.

  • Yeah I see soo many players that must be nearly retiring with a high value. Very odd

  • @Tom7471

    It's a good long term strategy to invest in younger players but short term trades in older players can be equally profitable; I posted an IPD thread on Bonnucci (aged 32) when 38p & he won def PB in the first game (yielding over 10%) & has now risen to 47p. I reinvested those dividends into Modric (aged 34) at 47p who has now risen to 70p on the back of the increased PB dividend potential following the recent announcement. I won't be holding either for the full 3 year term but both have been very lucrative purchases, in a surprisingly short period of time.

  • @janner73 Spot on. The talented, younger, promising pb players are now very underpriced in amongst the rush for instant dividends.
    There’re a few recent risers over 30 that are an accident waiting to happen.

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