Inigo Martinez

  • I'm researching hard to the build up of the new dividend payouts to try and find real value at the lower end and I stumbled across Inigo Martinez of Bilbao (32p). Aged 28 he's a regular centre back for Bilbao and played the full 90 mins of Spain's last Euro qualifier against Sweden which I assume will make him a certainty for Spain's Euro squad next summer if fit.

    Although I was happy to invest based just on the above I took a closer look at his stats. This season he's averaging a respectable PB of just over 92. What really took my eye was the accurate long ball stat in which he's averaging 7 a game and his last game he completed 15 which is very impressive.

    He had a decent goal scoring record at Sociedad but has failed to score or assist in the last 2 seasons which obviously is a negative, however if he could add a few goals and assists to his game at Bilbao then along with the stats I've already mentioned he could be a serious contender for a PB win.

    Given his age and price I think he could be a real good buy. I bought 400.

  • @Pagey74 Martinez is a player I hold as well. Bought him at a bargain price and still hold. Unlikely to pull up trees but as you say, regular at Bilbao and the Spain national team. Certainly one to invest in until the Euros come around. I think he peaked at 38p during the last international break so every chance he could be 40p+ when the Euros come around.

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