Nice to see the market booming

  • The index is back again, how do you think it will go over the coming months?

  • @NewUser411609
    I think we’ll see green green green up until Friday then maybe a little dip when the some what thinking greedy bastards take their profits then more green green green!

  • @DavidMUFC1987

    Friday is the first day of the new dividends, with a treble game day the day after. Can’t see people withdrawing money then.

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  • I think November will start strongly. Might be quite flat for later part as I think a lot of people will have spent as much as they can.
    I’m a little worried about December. People withdrawing for Christmas. Wouldn’t surprise me if FI have something up there sleeve to avoid this though

  • @NewUser411609 said in Nice to see the market booming:

    The index is back again, how do you think it will go over the coming months?


    Yep, it's great seeing all that growth. But this is predictable because dividends across the board except for IPDs will increase by over 50% on Friday. It may last a few weeks but we might be where we were last month when many were disgrunted. The rise in dividends was welcome and needed but apart from that, the platform is the same.

    FI missed a chance to introduce tiered PB where maybe the top 3 in every category win dividends. That would set the platform up for the long term.

  • Spare a thought for those like me that have limited funds and have missed this particular boat.

    I had my plan, earmarked the 4 PB players that would take my port to the level in my longer term plan; only for NatWest to drag their feet with my remortgage which won’t land now until mid November.

    I’ve sat patiently waiting to double my investment to a modest 5k only to see those 4 players rocket and other players removing funds from my other holds to do their on port re-jig. So despite all the green I’m red for the week.

    I did contemplate cashing my other holds in too but I have them for various reasons in my plan so the FOMO factor I have had to resist.

    I’ll have to wait until I have my funds then re-evaluate my investment position depending on the market in the run up to Christmas.

  • Made 1.31% today and have taken a small amount of profit to re-invest so in reality about 1.75% for my 24 hour

  • Market will booming over the next few months.
    Not a blanket boom but certain players will be literally increasing 30-50% + easily.
    Hope we got the right ones ... quietly confident

  • @MickTurbo yep its happy times again. My 24hr is reading +1.7% and 7day is just over 6% and its not showing signs of slowing


    24hr is higher than i thought think thats Messi and Lenglet that have done that

  • @Black-wolf phenomenal 7 day figure. I'm 3%. I remember you saying you went big on TAA, messi, neymar and was it kroos and somebody else? Not surprised your flying

  • @MickTurbo Alcantara but ive actually sold him to top up on Parejo and Pjanic

  • 24 hr 2.09%+ and 7 day 4.96%+. If I ever get to meet Mr Alexander-Arnold I owe him a big thank you

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