facundo ferreyra Drop 51p

  • He is just back from injury and had had a slight drop .got on him at 60p so I'm hoping he goes up as he is one of Espanyol main strikers and at only 51 p he looks like a bargain. Got Europa League as well. Any advice on him

  • I always just have to laugh when I see that this guy is actually a footballer. Watched him in an u21 game against Bolton for Newcastle I think it was and he was so bad it was unreal.

    Not trying to hate on you or anyone who holds him here but because I’ve seen how bad he was in real life (at least back then) I just have to chuckle whenever I see his name linked on the forums or twitter as someone to buy. Best of luck if you do hold him and I will admit I haven’t kept up with his career since he left my dysfunctional club.

  • I do hold was jus thinking he is cheap for a striker playing in laliga and Europa. Espanyol having a shitty start to season so am hoping he comes right.

  • I hold him too, he had a great start to the early season in EL Qualifiers, scoring 6 in 6, he got injured and has made a couple of late sub appearances and started his first game the weekend, given time to get full fitness I expect him to kick on

  • @Wolfie 60p is nearer the high end of his value, for an IPD flip that was always my sale ceiling. He probably will go above that at some point this season... But you should ask yourself if its worth waiting while there is plenty of money to be made on other players. It's not like he will return divs to cover his shortfall any time soon.

    He is a player you need to buy in a dip and sell pre match or on a goal. Or wait for long period of time for the golden game where he's involved in a few goals in one match... Which I think can happen for him a couple of times.

  • I would keep him for this week, he's fully fit again and despite what has been said, he is a decent goalscorer. He might rise a few pence tonight especially off the back of a goal and he has Valencia at home the weekend so another decent chance to score and pull his price up. As Vespasian said 60p is his ceiling unless he's on a mad goals run. I would hang in there though, 2 games in 4 days gives him a real chance of a goal and the spike you need.

  • Back from injury, back amongst the goals. Been a frustrating hold but just about IPD eligible still. Hopefully he'll kick on from here, nice finish too

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