Paolo Ghiglione - 22 years old - Genoa Wing Back

  • This one could be a potential up and comer with a good future ahead of him and was pointed out to me on indexgain via Slack.

    He was on loan last year, playing for Frosinone and has come back and broke into the Genoa team in Serie A playing as a Right back. Genoa have been poor as a team but he has been standing out as one of their better players and already has 4 assists in his 8 appearances in the league which is really impressive.

    0_1572421078561_Giglione 1.PNG

    Above are his previous 2 games in stats and it looks as though he is a very attacking full back playing high up the pitch, putting in a lots of crosses, attempting key passes and is not afraid at all to have a shot. If you watch him, he is very comfortable on the ball and links up pretty well with teammates.

    @ .47p, he could be one that has gone slightly under the radar due to Genoa's poor form but even as IPD hold, he is averaging an IPD every other game so far which is a really good start and his underlying stats suggest this could continue. He is highly rated in Italy so he a move to a bigger club is probably on the cards at some point.

    Downsides with him are the spread and the club that he plays for but I am hoping the latter changes sooner rather than later. He also hasn't scored highly in PB yet, which is probably down to Genoa conceding a lot and losing a lot, so no clean sheet bonus and no win bonuses. The underlying stats and the potential for a bigger move are there though.

  • 86 pb in a losing team against juve today is very decent for a young wing back at 49p

  • @MickTurbo

    Yeah the PB is decent for a game like Juve away, but it was his underlying stats that continued to impress me.

    Even with 10 men, he still got a 7/10 on SofaScore, got 3 key passes and put in 5 crosses. He gets up and down the wing really well. 76 touches last night.

    Long term he could be a good one I think.

  • @ScoutScout yeh he was getting pumped pretty hard a while back but is back to more or less his previous price

    Was on my radar but I bought 300 after I read your post yesterday. Got plenty going for him

  • Bought and sold, will prob go up as all my sales do

  • @MickTurbo

    Oh was he, only found out about him last week and yeah agreed, a lot going for him.

  • @ScoutScout yeh mate, I'm wrong though, hes still above his previous price but has fell off from his peak and has plenty of mileage in him. Good hold I think, especially once tho PB money starts trickling down over

  • Had him at a loss, took the chance to sell for a profit. All he's lacking is a bit more strength and athleticism. Definitely a good player. But Genoa are shite. They are at least a good selling club though - which bodes well for Ghiglione and Kouame.

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