Real Madrid coming fixtures look tasty

  • Real Madrid have a nice run of fixtures coming up;

    30/10 Home – Leganes
    2/11 Home – Real Betis
    6/11 Home – Galatasaray - CL
    9/11 Away - Eibar
    23/11 Home – Real Sociadad
    26/11 Home – PSG - CL
    1/12 Away – Deportivo Alves (just past 30 day IPD eligibility but a good win could provide a selling/rebuying opportunity)

    Great for PB prospects like Kroos, Modric, Hazard, Ramos etc (throw in an extra couple of Internationals giving 8 games) but decent IPD potential as well.

    I’ve had a decent run recently with older players (Bonnucci, Modric) so have taken a punt on 31 year old Marcelo – defender who plays like a winger (PB friendly) & throws in the odd G&A too, so at 57p looks a decent gamble (just check his 1 year price graph!). Any sort of reasonable PB performance, if not even threatening a win, & he could easily get a 25%+ price rise especially when the new dividend structure starts in November.

  • Just been looking at this with ramos being a penalty taker and some good recent personal scores fancy a few dividends with him.

  • I hold Hazard and am hoping he will at some time explode - seems he has started eating his increase in wages rather than stick it in the bank!

  • I've loaded up on Courtios for some clean sheets IPD. Just 2 needed to make a small profit assuming no CA.

  • @RU99 I have been trying to sell my Courtois for ages to try and re-buy!! Don't suppose you want anymore??!!

  • @NewUser731 Fully loaded now unfortunately! Just do what I do and deposit more cash!hah

  • @RU99 I still feel like keepers, especially at top clubs are undervalued. The main issue us that users can't shift them easily. Bit of a vicious circle really. It's pretty steady income but it's just a bit slow to move them on at the moment.

  • @NewUser123565 I’m on Ramos aswell can’t see him getting through these 8 games without at least one penalty and when it happens he will go up about 10% minimum I think

  • I've just got on the Marcelo Train, decent price if he gets a few assists soon.

  • I'm on benzema. Highest whoscored rating for Spain and half the price of lewandowski

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